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10 Reasons Why Your Aircon Smells Bad

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Does the unpleasant odor coming out of your air conditioning unit when you turn it on upset you? This is something you do not want to encounter, especially after a hectic day in the office.

These nasty odors will deprive you of the energy and therapeutic sensation you were looking to find in your home. Unpleasant odors coming from your air conditioning unit might indicate that you might need air conditioning servicing such as aircon repair, aircon installation, and chemical overhaul.  Here are the primary causes of the foul smell coming out from your aircon.


Refrigerant Leaks

A refrigerant rapture in your system could result from when the central air conditioner produces a lingering unpleasant smell. In the event of refrigerant leakage, you will discover a smell that is similar to acetone. Get this problem addressed as soon as possible. If not resolved, it can pose health hazards to you and your family. Moreover, it will decrease your unit’s efficiency, causing a rise in utility bills’ overall cost.


Dirty Evaporator Coils

The evaporator coils are designed to eject heat from the air. Upon conclusion of this process, the cold air is reintroduced into your room via a network of air ducts. If your aircon releases a foul smell, this is an apparent sign of an escalation of dust and other forms of dirt on the evaporator coils. To prevent mold buildup, have the coils cleaned professionally.


Oversized Aircon System

A sound air conditioning system is one that is correctly sized by a trusted aircon service; otherwise, it will be huge for your house. An extensive air conditioner undergoes swift cooling cycles and falls short of dehumidifying the entire air. This facilitates the growth of mold on or around the unit. This can harbor a dry and musty odor all over your home.


Blocked Air Filters


Air filters are meant to eliminate pollutants from your home air. Some of these pollutants can produce an awful smell, and if your filter is blocked, pollutants will stick on it, causing persisting aircon odor. You will need to replace your aircon filters or undergo an aircon chemical wash to get rid of the odor completely.


Dead Animals in Ventilation System

An aircon that releases a foul smell, especially at the onset of the summer season, is probably a hint of a deceased animal in your unit ventilation.

You should inspect the aircon vents in your home to locate the foul odor. If you discover deceased animals in your air ducts, use a special tool to draw them from your system. However, if you are unable to do so, you should hire a professional aircon service to solve the issue for you.


Excessive Moisture in Air Ducts/Vents

Excess moisture that buildup inside air ducts/vents results from extreme humidity levels or drainage leak that went undiscovered. If you notice a musty smell when you turn on your air conditioning unit, it’s more likely that mold and mildew have spread throughout the ductwork.

Keep in mind that mold exposure can prompt respiratory health concerns. To avoid this, get the ducts and vents cleaned and fixed to remove musty odors once and for all.  You can also invest in quarterly aircon servicing.


Frozen Evaporator Coils


The air conditioning system absorbs warm indoor air, ejects humidity from it, cools it, and cycles it back to the house via the return vents. Free-flowing air is crucial for this activity, which means it is important to have clean filters.

Dirt and other substances impede airflow via the filters, prompting water drops from humid indoor air to evaporator coils. The water moves down to the coils then condenses as the aircon unit’s refrigerant works on cooling the air. That’s why it’s recommended to replace inefficient filters every 2-3 months.


Faulty Central Motor


Although a central air conditioner is not gas-powered, you may discover a smell from the exhaust due to a malfunctioning aircon internal motor. This smell of aircon can signify wiring or overheating issues. To avert further damage, turn your power system off.


Blocked Condensate Drain

A clogged condensate drain is one of the common causes of smelly aircon. A condensate drain is designed to collect the condensation that falls from the cooling coils and drive it away from your house. A blocked condensate drain allows mold and mildew growth on the pan and the Mitsubishi aircon drain lines, causing a disgusting smell.


Damaged Drain Pan


An inverter or non-inverter aircon contains a drain pan that is designed to drain the collected water. It is prone to wear and tear, and when this happens, it becomes ineffective, meaning it will not drain water, which will prompt the growth of mold, which makes your aircon release a terrible smell.



After knowing the 10 different reasons why your aircon smells bad, you may wish to perform simple aircon troubleshooting. However, for issues related to aircon smell, we would recommend that it is best left for the professionals. With years of industry experience, DW Aircon is confident in fixing your aircon smell issues or performing other aircon services for an affordable price.


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