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3 Signs That Your Aircon Has Mold and How to Clean Your Aircon

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Homeowners in Singapore are installing one or more aircons from different aircon brands in their home or business premises to lower the room temperature. However, most people are not aware that the aircon can cause health problems if it is not properly maintained. 

Due to the high humidity levels in the aircon, mold will flourish and may cause respiratory problems. Hence, it is important to arrange for aircon cleaning immediately once mold is detected in the air conditioner. Since most homeowners do not have the time and skills for aircon cleaning, it is generally advisable to outsource aircon servicing services in Singapore. 

Here are signs that your aircon has mold and how to clean it:


Understanding Aircon Molds 

Molds are a type of fungi that flourish in a cold and damp environment, especially where there is no sunlight. There are different types of molds, and their color varies with brown molds being the most common type. 

The molds will feed on organic materials like leather, cloth, and paper. They also grow very fast when humidity levels are high, and the mold-infested material usually has to be discarded since it is very difficult to remove the infestation. Besides that, the mold spores can cause respiratory problems and other allergies when inhaled. The presence of mold in the aircon can even lead to a common aircon issue that requires aircon servicing.

If you regularly do aircon cleaning, molds can be avoided. This also serves as an aircon maintenance tip to optimize your aircon’s performance. 


Signs Your Aircon Has Mold

Some of the signs that the aircon is infested with mold are discussed below. 

  • Aircon Has a Foul Smell


Mold usually has a distinctive musty smell which is not pleasant. Therefore, if the aircon product has an unpleasant odor, it makes it difficult to stay in the room or house for longer periods. Molds can be the reason why your aircon smells bad and they initially grow in dark areas of the aircon which are not normally visible. 

  • Aircon Has Visible Signs of Mold


In some cases, the mold has spread and is visible in the area around the aircon especially on home furnishings, home decor items, and furniture. The color of the furniture or furnishing will change as the layer of mold is formed. Since removing mold from furniture or the air conditioner is difficult, an aircon cleaning tip is to contact a professional immediately to prevent further damage. 

  • Family Members Are Constantly Sick


In other instances, the mold may be formed inside the aircon and is not easily visible. However, the cool air may contain mold spores which can cause allergies and other respiratory illnesses. Hence, if the family members are constantly falling ill, mold formation could be one of the most common reasons for their health problems. It is also a sign that your aircon needs to undergo aircon servicing and aircon cleaning. 


Tips For Aircon Cleaning 


Here are some tips to remove the mold in the aircon which can make it difficult to live in the house. 

  • Clean Aircon Filters Regularly 

Aircons have filters to trap the dust, mold, and other dirt and clean aircon filters are important to eliminate these particles. Cleaning the aircon filters using water or vinegar will help remove any mold. 

  • Clean Aircon Condenser

The aircon condenser is the most important part of the aircon. Dust will greatly affect its performance, so the condenser must be cleaned regularly. 

  • Clean Aircon Ducts

In larger homes, there is only one aircon centrally installed which normally has large ducts transport the cool air to the other areas. Mold, dust, and dirt can accumulate in the aircon duct. If these are not cleaned regularly, mold can flourish. Thus, it is considered to be an aircon part that requires periodic care

  • Clean Outside Unit of The Aircon

Mold is more likely to form on the outside unit of the aircon where it is exposed to environmental pollution and grime. An aircon servicing tip is to disconnect the power supply and then use a water hose to spray the outside unit and remove any dirt on it.  

  • Use Chemical Products for Aircon Cleaning

In some older aircons, wiping may not be effective in removing all the dirt from the aircon. In this case, it is advisable to use aircon chemical cleaning to remove all the dirt from the different components of the aircon. After the aircon cleaning, the aircon can be reassembled. 


Contact A DW Aircon Servicing Singapore for Professional Aircon Cleaning Services 

Aircon cleaning, especially in larger homes, is a complex and time-consuming task. Therefore, homeowners who do not have the expertise and tools to remove the mold in the aircon should hire a professional service provider for aircon cleaning. They should contact DW Aircon Servicing Singapore, especially if they do not know how to do chemical cleaning. The benefit of hiring a professional aircon servicing company is their group of aircon professionals has the expertise, experience, and knowledge to do proper aircon cleaning. 



Many homeowners install an aircon to cool their homes, although they are not aware that when the aircon is not clean or well maintained, mold may flourish and can cause health problems. Once you notice that the aircon has a foul smell, visible molds, and family members are constantly getting sick, then these are the signs that your aircon has mold. Therefore, aircon cleaning should be done by regularly cleaning the aircon filters, aircon ducts, and aircon condensers.

It is best to engage a professional from DW Aircon Servicing Singapore. Not only can they conduct a comprehensive and effective aircon cleaning, but they have a variety of reliable aircon services such as aircon maintenance and aircon chemical overhaul you can avail of. 


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