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4 Common Misconceptions of Aircon Chemical Overhaul

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Most people in Singapore have an aircon installed either in their home or workplace. If you happen to be among them, then you should be aware of how to take care of your residential or commercial aircon properly. Otherwise, your unit can experience severe issues which will require extensive aircon repairs.

One part of proper aircon maintenance involves educating yourself on what an aircon chemical overhaul actually entails. There are many who hesitate to avail of this particular aircon service due to some unfounded doubts they have. As a result, their unit ends up sustaining significant damage. To avoid this, be sure to take note of the following aircon chemical overhaul misconceptions:


It Can Damage Your Fan Coil


One reason why many aircon owners fail to hire aircon chemical overhaul servicing is that they believe it can damage their aircon fan coil. In reality, the service actually enables the fan coil to function more optimally by getting rid of any form of dirt and debris, preventing corrosion. Once the fan coil is free of residue, it will be able to circulate cold air much more easily.


Chemical Overhauls Do Not Need To Be Done Regularly

 Many people believe that having an aircon chemical overhaul is an unnecessary expense. As a matter of fact, you need to have this service performed at least twice a year. This is because it can eliminate various forms of dirt and bacteria on your aircon’s parts which regular aircon cleaning might be unable to remove. Furthermore, not having an aircon chemical overhaul performed regularly can cause your unit’s components to deteriorate which in turn can lead to problems such as aircon leaks.


Normal Aircon Cleaning Is Sufficient

Oftentimes, aircon owners feel that normal aircon cleaning is a sufficient way of ensuring that their unit works properly. Though cleaning your aircon from time to time is definitely recommended, it is not enough to prevent dust and dirt from damaging its internal parts. By having an aircon chemical overhaul done regularly, you will be able to ensure that your aircon model runs properly for the long term since its components will be protected against heavy damage.


You Can Do An Aircon Chemical Overhaul By Yourself

In order to save money, some aircon owners would rather perform a chemical overhaul on their aircon themselves. This is not advisable since a DIY chemical overhaul can cause further damage to your aircon. Take note that this service entails the usage of the right type of chemicals and applying them at the proper quantities. Moreover, you might end up placing your aircon parts in the wrong places during the reassembly process. To avoid these issues, it is best that you have a professional conduct an aircon chemical overhaul for you as they have the right tools and experience needed to do the job seamlessly.




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