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4 Reasons To Buy A Mitsubishi Starmex FN Series Aircon

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One thing that we cannot imagine spending a day without is our aircon. As we know, ACs are just appliances and cannot serve us forever. There will come a time when your old AC will not work efficiently or maybe not work at all. In addition, your energy bills can go higher, and it is then that you realize it is time to select and invest in a new aircon brand or models in the market.

As far as aircon in Singapore is concerned, you certainly have many choices, but one brand wins the hearts of people living in Singapore is Mitsubishi. Mitsubishi has many aircon models to offer, and among them is the Mitsubishi Starmex FN series has become immensely popular. 

There are many reasons to replace your old aircon with a Mitsubishi aircon, and one of the reasons is the popularity of Starmex Mitsubishi FN series, most people wanted to buy it. Furthermore, other reasons will be shared with you here right away. Once you go through these reasons, certainly you will want to bring home a Starmex Mitsubishi FN aircon without any wait.


Reasons You Should Buy a Starmex FN Series Aircon

Clean appearance


When you decide to have an aircon installation performed, go for the Mitsubishi aircon Starmex FN series which is quite similar to the previous FJ series as far as its appearance is concerned. The FJ series looked very attractive and had a nice clean appearance, and so did the FN series. When it comes to functionality, the FN series is even better than the FJ series. And together with offering fantastic performance, as the Starmex Mitsubishi FN also looks excellent, naturally, it has managed to win the love and attention of people in Singapore. To maintain these features, it is better to know the tips on how to care for your Mitsubishi aircon as well as the top 3 aircon parts that require periodic care.

Hassle-free cleaning and servicing


As per the aircon experts, if you opt for regular aircon servicing, your AC will be better maintained and will last you for a much longer time. As far as the Starmex Mitsubishi aircon FN series is concerned, just two screws need to be removed to clean it. The earlier series required three screws to be removed, so this is a significant improvement.

Though it is easy to remove the screws of Starmex aircon, instead of trying to do it yourself, it is best that you avoid common mistakes people make during DIY aircon servicing. It will be much wiser if you let the job be handled by an expert from DW Aircon Servicing Singapore. Our experts are well-trained and highly experienced, and we shall always offer you perfect maintenance services. This allows us to track even the slightest problem with your aircon and fix it on time. And, as we fix every minor issue right on time, there will be no need for you to worry about paying hefty repair bills.

Not only shall we clean your filter and do regular checking for issues, but we shall also perform an aircon chemical overhaul once a year, or as often as is needed, to clean your aircon thoroughly. This will help increase the longevity of your precious AC.

Compact size


Yet another reason to buy Starmex Mitsubishi FN is its compact size. The models of this series are much smaller in size compared to the past models. This is amazing because you can quickly get them installed even if you live in a small HDB. Remember, do not try installing your new aircon on your own to avoid common HDB aircon installation mistakes. Instead, let our DW Aircon Servicing Singapore experts do the needful. We have installed aircon in many homes in Singapore and shall do the same for you and when you please.

Low energy consumption

As far as energy consumption is concerned, there is nothing you need to bother about if you choose the Starmex Mitsubishi Aircon FN series, as you will get an aircon with NEA 5 Ticks in rating. This is the highest rating that an AC can get to understand how amazing it is.

With this high energy rating, you will be saving a lot of money. Initially, you may feel that the Starmex Mitsubishi aircon is a little more expensive than other ACs with a 2/3 star rating. But eventually, the aircon with such a low rating proved to be more expensive, whereas the 5-star Starmex FN proved to be very pocket-friendly and this is why Mitsubishi Aircon is the best energy-saving aircon in Singapore. In fact, since you will be using your AC for a very long time, you must only think about how much you shall save in the long run.

Mitsubishi Starmex FN Series

Now that you know a few reasons why Starmex Mitsubishi FN makes an amazing choice, let us also help you learn about 3 amazing models that you can choose from.

Mitsubishi Starmex MXY-2G20VA2 for Small Rooms

While purchasing an aircon, together with giving importance to its features and star ratings, you also need to consider the size of your room. Mitsubishi Starmex FN has options for both small and big rooms. If you have a small room, then Mitsubishi Electric Starmex FN (Inverter) – SYSTEM 2 AIRCON (MXY-2G20VA2 / MSXY-FN10VE X2) is ideal for you. This aircon offers 2 units of 9000 BTU cooling capacity and can be used for small to medium-sized rooms.

The advantages of installing a Mitsubishi Aircon like this is you get to enjoy wide and long airflow. You can control the left-right vane of this aircon using its remote controller and adjust the airflow direction to reach every corner of your room.

The easy-clean design of the model also makes it completely worth a purchase. Its easily detachable panel can be washed without much effort. And, the airflow vents can be opened without you having to use any special tools for fast cleaning within the aircon. The MXY2G20VA2 is also known for its quiet nature and its catechin plus air purification system which makes it better than most types of air conditioners in Singapore.

Mitsubishi Starmex MXY-3G28VA2 and MXY-4G38VA2 for Stronger Cooling

If you need cooling for three small to medium-sized rooms, then Mitsubishi Electric Starmex FN (Inverter) – (MXY-3G28VA2 / MSXY-FN10VE X3) is just ideal. It has 5 NEA rating ticks, as has the other model of this series. MXY3G28VA2 allows you to enjoy broad and long airflow, a Catechin plus air purification system, an easy-clean design, and quiet functionality.

If you need to enjoy cooling in 4 small to medium-sized rooms, you can opt for Mitsubishi Electric (Inverter) – (MXY-4G38VA2 / MSXY-FN10VE X3 / MSXY-FN18VE). This model comes with an anti-allergy filter and microparticles catching filter. Even this model has an easy-clean design and operates quietly, which you will love.



Mitsubishi too has many aircon models to offer and among them, the Starmex Mitsubishi FN series has become immensely popular. There are many reasons behind their popularity or so to say many reasons why people prefer purchasing the Starmex Mitsubishi FN series such as clean appearance, hassle-free cleaning, compact in size, and it is low energy consumption. Once you decide to choose a Mitsubishi Aircon Starmex model to install, it is best to engage a professional such as DW Aircon to do the job for you. They have the necessary skills and provide the right equipment to install your aircon. You can also engage them for other types of aircon services if you encounter aircon issues in the future.


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