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4 Situations You Need to Hire a Professional for Aircon Troubleshooting

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Most aircon brands are made to last up to five years without undergoing some repairs. If an aircon unit is having difficulty in cooling or is leaking water, it may be an indication that the unit is malfunctioning and needs aircon servicing. These symptoms should not be ignored, and the owner must do the necessary troubleshooting, or he should call a professional company to fix the issue and avoid it from getting worse.

In this article we discuss the common aircon problems and how to troubleshoot them:


Aircon Not Cold  

One of the most common problems for aircon is the inability to produce cold air. There are many reasons why aircon is not cold, and one of them is clogged air filters. Sometimes, the airway is clogged with too much dust and dirt, preventing the air to enter. The other reasons can also be because of the damaged compressor and parts, leaking refrigerant, broken thermostat, or blocked condenser. Professional aircon technicians can easily detect if the aircon is not cold, and it will be better to let them handle the aircon repair.


Aircon Leaking Water


Aircon leaking water is often caused by dirty or blocked air filters as the air cannot pass through the air vents. Other reasons why aircon leaks are damaged condenser coil and malfunctioning pump. Aircon condenser coils are responsible for removing the warmth from the air outside, and if it gets damaged, it may cause water leakage because the water will freeze. On the other hand, pumps are responsible for draining out the water, and if it is malfunctioning, the water may not come out of the drains and will cause leakage instead. Cleaning is usually done to stop leaking and if it does not work, technicians should be consulted to fix this issue.


Aircon Noisy  

Unusual noise is another sign that the aircon may be malfunctioning. If a banging sound is heard, there may be a loose or broken part in the aircon. Sometimes, this is caused by a loose pin or piston in the compressor or fan. If a clanking sound is heard, the reason may be because of unbalanced parts inside the aircon, and usually, it is caused by the fan blades that hit the other parts of the aircon. For clicking sounds, the primary cause would be the malfunctioning thermostat. Buzzing and humming sounds are either cause of electrical loose connection or loose parts in the aircon. Lastly, a screaming noise is associated with refrigerant leakage so this should be checked regularly. Different aircon repair types may also be done for these kinds of aircon issues.


Aircon Light Blinking 


Newer aircon models have light indicators that blink when the unit encounters a problem. The user can see this alert and may refer to the manual for basic aircon troubleshooting. If the aircon light blinking is because of a dirty filter, the owner can just clean it. But if the problem is more severe, such as faulty PCB or electrical wiring and compressor failure, help from a trusted aircon technician should be sought.

Why Professional Help Is Required For Aircon Servicing


Complicated Repair Process

Nowadays, aircon models are becoming more sophisticated with innovative components and better mechanisms. The process of aircon repair in Singapore has also become more complicated and technical—requiring skills and knowledge to fix the problem. For serious problems like electrical failure, compressor problems, and gas leaks, calling a professional aircon servicing company can save you from self-diagnosing the problem. The technicians have the necessary skills and training that can solve any type of aircon problem in no time.


Specific Tools Required For Aircon Repair 

There are aircon issues that cannot be solved by basic troubleshooting and may require disassembling or welding aircon parts. To do this, special tools are required to repair the aircon efficiently. Aircon repair companies already have these tools available for their capable technicians who use them for aircon servicing. Having them deal with the repair is not only time-saving, but also is cost-effective because there is no need to buy the tools, they can also fix it for an affordable price.



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