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4 Ways To Make Your Mitsubishi Aircon More Efficient

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In Singapore, temperatures are high during summer, so the energy consumption of the aircon is a significant part of the total energy consumption for a home or any other property. Hence many property owners prefer to purchase a Mitsubishi aircon since it is well designed, energy-efficient and due to its characteristics, homeowners find minor aircon repair.

The actual energy consumption of a particular Mitsubishi aircon Singapore will depend significantly on whether the users are making an effort to maximize energy efficiency. There are problems that the aircon is not cold due to some aspects homeowners forgot to check, such as closing doors or windows. Here are some of the guidelines which will help improve the energy efficiency of the Mitsubishi air conditioner are listed below.


Close All Doors and Windows 


There are many types of Air conditioners in Singapore, and the Mitsubishi air conditioner type is characterized by energy usage influenced by the volume of air being cooled. If the doors and windows of the house are closed, the volume of air being cooled will be less, and the energy bill will be lower. Thus, it is advisable to keep the doors and windows closed and prevent warm air from entering from outside.

If there are problems with the aircon’s cooling system, there are possible ways to fix aircon cooling problems. Hence, it is advisable to check the thermostat and adjust it to the temperature required for cooling, which it will discuss more as you go along with this article.


Clean Your Outdoor Unit


Considering part of the aircon system’s exterior unit, which is exposed to the outside environment, is more likely to become dirty than the rest. Since energy is wasted to cool particles, this accumulated dust, debris, and other dirt will harm the outdoor unit’s efficiency.

It is advisable to clean the outdoor unit regularly to remove all the debris, dirt from the outdoor unit. Most property owners do not have the skills and experience to clean the outdoor unit. Therefore, hiring a professional aircon servicing company is the best choice to make the work efficient.


Check Your Air Filters 


One of the importance of clean aircon filters is that they filter dust from the air so that energy is not wasted cooling the dusty air and the dust is not deposited on the components in the aircon that are used in all aircon. Over time, these air filters become dirty since they are clogged with dust. The airflow through these clogged filters is greatly reduced, increasing power consumption and reducing energy efficiency. Hence, it is advisable to periodically inspect the air filters and follow tips on aircon cleaning to remove the dirt. If the air filters are damaged, they may have to be replaced.


Increase Your Thermostat Temperature Settings


The air temperature from the aircon is determined by the thermostat settings, which the user can change. There are other thermostats that are programmable in the market called programmable thermostats. With regards to this, the air conditioner will cool until it reaches the temperature specified on the thermostat, and cooling air consumes more electricity.

Many people are setting the thermostat’s temperature at a deficient level, significantly increasing energy consumption. Even if the temperature is five to eight degrees higher, it will not cause much discomfort to the people in the room. Furthermore, it is advisable to set the temperature for the thermostat to the highest level possible.



Among the aircon brands in Singapore, Mitsubishi air conditioners are of good quality, and their specialization is cooling or heating a space, making them suitable for domestic and commercial applications. Homeowners also need to consider the ways to make Mitsubishi Aircon more efficient such as closing all doors and windows, cleaning the outdoor unit, checking air filters, and increasing thermostat temperature settings which will help improve the energy efficiency of the Mitsubishi air conditioner.

It is better to have regular aircon servicing of the air conditioner because neglecting your aircon maintenance could lead to problems and cause you to spend lots on Mitsubishi aircon repair. If there are occurrences of aircon issues, DW Aircon Singapore provides many services such as aircon installation, aircon chemical cleaning, aircon gas top, and many more.


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