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5 Aircon Maintenance Tips to Optimize Your Aircon’s Performance

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Property owners who have invested a large amount in purchasing and installing the best air conditioner they can afford should be aware that proper aircon maintenance is necessary. The energy consumption of a properly maintained aircon is lower, and it will also cool the property quickly. The aircon also removed harmful microbes and regulates humidity levels. If you are looking for aircon maintenance services, one of the things to note when engaging an aircon maintenance company is their experience. It is best to have your aircon maintained by having regular aircon servicing to prevent any costly aircon repairs in the future. Here are some aircon maintenance tips you could do to optimize your aircon unit.


Change Your Aircon Filters Regularly


Depending on the aircon model installed, the aircon may have one or more filters. These filters will remove the dust, dirt, harmful microbes, and particulate matter from the air so that it is safe to breathe. The importance of clean aircon filters is that it is cost-efficient, improve health, and promote a green environment. Over a period of time, depending on the environmental conditions, the filter will be saturated with dirt, and will not be effective in removing the dirt. Hence, depending on the aircon model, it may be necessary to clean or replace the aircon filters periodically.

For some aircon models, the filter can be cleaned to remove the dirt by washing with soap or detergent and water and replacing it. In other cases, the filter should be replaced, especially if it has been cleaned repeatedly and is not blocking the dust. Often, at least one replacement filter will be supplied with the aircon, or the filter can be purchased. Typically, when servicing your aircon, professional aircon services will recommend that the filter be replaced at least once in three months if the aircon is used for more than 5 hours daily. The aircon filter replacement frequency may be reduced if the aircon is not used daily.


Check and Clear The Drain Line


Due to the low temperature of the aircon, water will condense on the aircon components. To help remove the water, there is a drain line provided through which the water will drain away. Since the humidity levels in the drain line are high, mold and mildew will often flourish, clogging the drain pipe and reducing the rate of flow of the water. Additionally, dirt and debris may also accumulate in the drain outlet. Therefore, it is necessary to periodically check the drainpipe of the aircon to find if debris or mold is obstructing the flow of water from the drain as drains are one of the top three aircon parts that require periodic care. If any blockage is detected, chemicals or a cleaning brush should be used to remove the debris.


Examine Leaks


In addition to leaks in the water drainpipe, there may be leaks in the piping/tubes carrying the refrigerant and air. If the water pipe is leaking, it should be replaced at the earliest. When the refrigerant is leaking, the aircon is not cold or takes a longer time to cool. Most property owners do not have the tools and expertise to fix refrigerant gas leakage. If they feel that the refrigerant gas is leaking or there is a problem with the piping in the aircon, they should contact a professional aircon services company and get the problem fixed at the earliest.


Never Put Off Necessary Aircon Repairs

Property owners often tend to postpone engaging an aircon repair service when they face aircon problems due to their hectic schedule. However, this can waste time and money since the energy consumption may be higher, and he may waste time tweaking the aircon. The aircon problem will often worsen if not fixed immediately, and repairs will become more expensive. Hence it is advisable to hire the most reputed company in Singapore for aircon maintenance services at the earliest, to reduce the repair cost and avoid future problems. They also can recommend if you need to repair or replace your aircon if it is malfunctioning.


Hire Professional Aircon Maintenance Services


To prevent common aircon issues that require aircon servicing, it is advisable to hire the services of a professional aircon company with well-trained and experienced staff. The service provider should specify the scope of their maintenance work, what they will check, and the workmanship warranty. Aircon services such as aircon chemical overhaul and aircon servicing are best done by a professional as they can do it properly and efficiently. They will check or test all the electrical, mechanical, and electronic components to ensure they are not damaged. They will also ensure that the coolant levels in the aircon are adequate. The ducting and piping will be examined for damage, and repairs will be carried out if necessary. Depending on how often the aircon is used, professional aircon maintenance is required once or twice a year.



Aircon maintenance is needed to keep your aircon performing at its optimal level. Aircon maintenance can be done through these 5 tips which include regularly cleaning your aircon filters, checking and clearing the drain line, checking for leaks, doing aircon repairs when required, and engaging professional aircon maintenance services. If you require assistance in maintaining your aircon, engage professional aircon servicing services as they have the skill and knowledge to advise what is the best solution for your aircon needs.


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