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5 Benefits of Installing a Toshiba Youme Aircon

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The Toshiba Youme aircon is one of the latest models among the many types of aircons available in Singapore that uses the eco-friendly R32 refrigerant and has a 5-tick energy efficiency rating. Homeowners who require new aircon will usually compare the features and price of the Toshiba Youme aircon with other popular aircon brands available. Some of the benefits of purchasing a Toshiba Youme aircon are provided below to help buyers make the right decision.


Modern Design

The Toshiba Youme has up to three indoor units and one outdoor unit. Each of the indoor units has a sleek design that will integrate well with different home interiors. Specifically, the Toshiba aircon has smooth contours, a glossy white finish, and white LEDs which can be adjusted as required. Provided you ensure that the installation for your Toshiba Youme aircon is done properly, it can provide an aesthetically pleasing addition to your home as well as top-notch functionality.


Self Cleaning Function 

Toshiba Youme aircons boast a remarkable self-cleaning function. One of the many benefits of the Toshiba Youme’s self-cleaning function is it thwarts the growth of mould and mildew. This cutting-edge feature works its magic by operating the air conditioner in a special mode that effectively dries the evaporator coil. 

A hidden danger of not having aircon servicing done is that mould, bacteria, and other harmful microbes will flourish in the residual moisture in the aircon which remains when it is switched off. This is largely due to the low temperature of the aircon’s moisture that will condense on the aircon, making it wet, which often leads to mould growth. To counteract this, Toshiba Youme aircon units also have an internal blower provided. This blower will switch on after the fan coil unit (FCU) is switched off and will continue to run for around 20 minutes until the coil is completely dry.


Magic Coil

Usually, dirt and grime accumulate on the heat exchanger fins of the aircon which are among the aircon parts that need periodic care. To keep the heat exchanger cleaner for a longer period of time, the aluminium fins are coated with a special aqua-resin coating and an anti-corrosive layer. When dirt and water will fall on the fins of the heat exchanger, they will be swept away. Besides that, the anti-corrosive layer prevents rusting which means the air will be cleaner.


Smart Controls 


The Toshiba Youme aircon has a WiFi adapter, allowing family members to conveniently control it using their smartphone after installing the Toshiba Home AC control app. They can also monitor the room temperature and switch it off whenever required. The aircon can be also integrated with other electronic controllers, further increasing the Toshiba Youme’s energy efficiency.


High-Quality Components

All Toshiba aircon systems are manufactured to ensure the highest quality in factories which are certified to conform to the stringent ISO: 9001 and ISO:14001 for quality and environmental systems. The aircons have passed the relevant quality standards for pressure, stress, sound, water leakage, vibration, fan speed, and balance. Complete unit and packaging drop tests are also conducted. Due to the quality components and rigorous testing that Toshiba aircon models endure, they will indeed have a long lifespan provided the aircon installation is done properly.

An example of a Toshiba model that features high-quality components is the Toshiba YouMe 2.0 5 Ticks System 4 Aircon. This System 4 aircon system is built to last as it features robust construction and reliable performance. With its superior airflow and quiet operation, it also ensures a comfortable indoor environment. The outdoor unit, equipped with a DC Twin rotary compressor even delivers efficient and powerful cooling. Furthermore, this air conditioner excels in energy efficiency and is categorised as an NEA 5 tick aircon


Engage DW Aircon Servicing For Toshiba Aircon Installation Services


Families searching for a professional installer for the Toshiba Youme aircon that they have purchased should contact DW Aircon Servicing Singapore, one of the most reputed air conditioner installation services in Singapore. Our well-trained technicians work closely with our customers to understand their requirements and install the aircon safely after considering the space available, design, and cooling required. 



A reason why Toshiba aircon is popular is the sheer value that their models provide. One of these is the Youme series models, which offer numerous benefits that make it an enticing option for homeowners seeking a new air conditioning system. Its sleek design, smooth contours, and adjustable white LEDs allow for seamless integration with various home interiors. The aircon’s self-cleaning function, which thoroughly dries the unit after use, also minimizes the growth of mould and bacteria. Additionally, the Magic Coil feature, with its aqua-resin coating and anti-corrosive layer, plays a crucial role in maintaining cleaner heat exchangers for an extended period, thereby enhancing air circulation. 

To further enhance the functionality of this aircon, it is equipped with smart controls, including a WiFi adapter and smartphone app, allowing for convenient and remote operation. Moreover, Toshiba aircon features high-quality components and their rigorous manufacturing standards ensures a reliable and efficient cooling system. If you’re looking for reliable professional aircon services, contact DW Aircon Servicing Singapore. We dedicate ourselves to top-notch aircon services, ensuring longevity with the proper installation of your aircon units.


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