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5 Questions You Should Ask Before Opting An Aircon Servicing Package In Singapore

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A considerable number of Singapore houses have air conditioners installed. Moreover, several firms provide aircon maintenance so that the aircon works as expected. An aircon servicing contract is often signed between the service provider and the property. 

Each aircon servicing service in Singapore has different terms and conditions. But, their goal is the same: to maximize the air conditioner’s efficiency and longevity. The property owner should ask the following questions before settling on a professional aircon service in order to assess all of the available options.


Are The Basic Aircon Parts Covered?


Disregarding the aircon parts is one of the common mistakes to avoid when engaging in an air conditioning service. Always ensure that the main components of the aircon are included in the maintenance contract. This includes the parts where dust and dirt will accumulate like the air filters, blowers, and evaporator fins. 

The drain pipe should also be checked to ensure that it is not clogged. The technician should likewise check the aircon to detect aircon water leaks, assess refrigerant levels, and ensure that the thermostat settings are proper. Additionally, regular aircon servicing is important because technicians oversee the electrical connections to ensure that they are not loose. If one or more of these parts are not included in the maintenance, it is advisable to question the service provider on the exclusion.

Another good aircon servicing tip is to see to it that the air conditioner’s essential components are covered. The drain pipe should also be examined to make sure it isn’t blocked, as well as the air filters, blowers, and evaporator fins. The technician should be able to troubleshoot common aircon issues and examine the refrigerant levels, the thermostat settings, and the electrical connections to make sure nothing is loose. You should inquire whether one or more of these components are not included in the maintenance if they are not.


What Is The Warranty For Aircon Servicing Workmanship? 


One point to note when engaging an aircon maintenance company in Singapore is the warranty on the aircon servicing. If parts like the filter or gaskets are replaced, the warranty offered by the manufacturer will be valid. However, the effectiveness of the servicing will also depend on the quality of the workmanship, experienced technicians are often better at predicting likely problems and taking action to prevent aircon repair symptoms.

You will only reap the benefits of hiring a professional aircon servicing company if the company is reputable. Well-established maintenance companies are able to offer a warranty on the workmanship of their technicians since they are well trained, and are servicing a large number of aircon. 


How Often Will Aircon Servicing Be Performed?


One of the most important criteria while considering servicing offers is how often the aircon servicing will be done. The servicing required depends to some extent on how large the aircon system is, how frequently it is being used, pollution levels, and other signs that your aircon needs to undergo servicing. While servicing, the technician will remove all the dirt, inspect the components and wiring, check refrigerant levels and replace damaged parts. 

For large aircon systems which are used all the time, it is advisable to do servicing once every three months. For small aircon models which are used only for a few months, servicing once a year may be adequate. 


What Are The Payment Terms For Signing The Contract?


The property owner should also find out the payment terms of the service provider for doing aircon maintenance, whether the entire payment has to be done initially or the payment can be done in installments. This will help the property owner plan his finances accordingly.

Often, the top aircon parts that require periodic care like the filter, washer, gaskets, or screws may have to be replaced, and the servicing provider should not charge extra for these inexpensive replacement parts. The service provider should also specify the payment mode, whether cheque, credit card, or online payment are accepted, since property owners may find only some payment modes convenient. 


What Are The Renewal Terms? 

One common mistake to avoid when engaging in an air conditioning service is not asking about the renewal terms. Typically the servicing contract is only for a duration of one year, though some companies may sign a contract of two years or more with their client offering a discount. When the service provider is hired for the first time, the contract duration will be less initially, and then the customer may decide to renew it for a longer period. Often the contract will auto-renew, though the client should be allowed to cancel the contract if they wish. 


Why You Should Opt For A Quarterly Aircon Servicing Package

Most offices are using their aircon for more than twelve hours daily, and their aircon are having a large capacity. Since larger volumes of air are being cooled, dirt and dust will get accumulated inside the aircon quickly adversely affecting the efficiency. For residential aircon services, it is advisable to recognize the importance of a quarterly servicing package from DW Aircon. By availing of a quarterly aircon servicing package, you can prevent major issues from taking place which can stop your aircon from functioning properly.



An air conditioning service agreement is often signed between the service provider and the property. However, each air conditioning service plan has its own terms and restrictions, even if the owner’s goal is to maximize the air conditioner’s efficiency and longevity. 

The property owner should recognize the aircon maintenance tips for every household and office, and ask important questions before deciding on a service provider for the aircon maintenance contract. Check to see that the essential components of the air conditioning system are covered. A warranty should be included as well. Ask about payment arrangements if you are on a tight budget, as regular aircon servicing can also save you money. Finally, inquire about the conditions of your air conditioner’s regular maintenance contract renewal terms.


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