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5 Reasons You Should Install An Energy Efficient Aircon in Singapore

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During summer when temperatures are high, installing aircon becomes essential for most homes in Singapore. This is because it can be very difficult to sleep well at night without adequate cooling. Compared to other home appliances, aircon installation is expensive. In addition to the cost of buying new aircon and installation services, the homeowner will also have to pay for the monthly utility bill. While there is a wide variety of aircon types available in Singapore, it is advisable to install an aircon that is energy efficient, due to multiple reasons which are listed below. 


Benefits of Installing An Energy Efficient Aircon

Lower Power Bills 


The cost of electricity is one of the things to look out for before installing an aircon. Although energy-efficient aircon models may be more expensive than other models, their energy consumption usually decreases significantly when used. Aircons designed for greater energy efficiency, such as Mitsubishi Aircon, typically utilize the latest technology and components that prevent energy wastage. The power consumption of an aircon usually accounts for at least a third of the total power consumption in a home. Installing an efficient aircon can significantly reduce the power bill and save money for the homeowner.

Longer Lasting Aircon

The energy-efficient newer aircon models are designed to reduce energy wastage so the motor and other components will be switched off immediately after the desired cooling or temperature is attained. Usually, the heat generated in the aircon can reduce the life of the aircon to some extent. If there is less heating and the components are switched on for a shorter period, the lifespan of the components and aircon increases. Purchasing and installation of aircon is expensive and time-consuming, so if the aircon can be used for more than 7 years, the owner will save some money over time. However, to ensure that your aircon lasts longer, consider the tips for choosing the best aircon installer to get the best quality service for your aircon.

Fewer Repairs 

The efficiency of an aircon is improved by reducing energy wastage due to heat dissipation and switching on the compressor and motor for a shorter time. This reduces the damage due to overheating and wear and tear of the aircon components to a very great extent. Hence, there will be fewer problems, and expensive aircon repairs where damaged parts are replaced may not be required repeatedly. It is also important to note that in order to prevent aircon malfunctioning, one should avoid common aircon  installation mistakes such as choosing an inexperienced service provider.

Lower Noise Levels


Older aircon models are less efficient since energy is wasted in the form of heat and sound. Furthermore, weird noises are one of the signs that your aircon needs to undergo aircon servicing. The higher noise levels of inefficient aircon make it difficult to hear other people in the room and may disturb sleep. The newer energy-efficient aircon is designed to reduce energy wastage in the form of noise. Therefore, only a humming sound will be heard, and they will not cause noise pollution.


One tip to save aircon energy is to purchase energy-efficient aircon. The improved energy efficiency of the aircon will reduce heating and energy wastage which can lead to global warming. Additionally, the newer refrigerant used in this newer efficient aircon does not deplete the ozone layer. Thus, making them eco-friendly. 


What Is An NEA Tick Rating in Singapore? 


The National Environment Authority (NEA) introduced an NEA Tick rating for various electrical appliances like air-cons, refrigerators, and dryers sold in Singapore to indicate energy efficiency with respect to its guidelines. The NEA tick rating may vary from two for fair energy efficiency to 5 for excellent energy efficiency. Online and offline retailers in Singapore are only allowed to sell aircon and other products which are registered with the NEA and tested for energy efficiency. 


Engage DW Aircon Servicing For Your Aircon Installation Services 


Homeowners who require assistance with new aircon installation should contact DW Aircon Servicing Singapore – one of the most reputed and recommended aircon installers in Singapore. Homeowners can choose from our range of 5-tick energy-efficient systems of top aircon brands like Daikin, Mitsubishi, and Panasonic. Our experienced professional staff will understand and recommend the right aircon based on the requirements of our customers. Our team will also install the aircon properly and efficiently.



Installing aircon in Singapore with energy-efficient features has numerous benefits. It not only helps to reduce the monthly power bills but also leads to longer-lasting aircon systems with fewer repairs. Additionally, energy-efficient aircon models produce lower noise levels and are more eco-friendly. The NEA Tick rating system is an essential factor to consider when choosing an energy-efficient aircon model. Homeowners in Singapore can rely on DW Aircon Servicing Singapore with outstanding reviews for their aircon installation services, with a range of 5-tick energy-efficient aircon systems from top brands and experienced professional staff to help choose and install the right aircon for their needs.


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