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5 Tips For Choosing A Professional Aircon Servicing Company in Singapore

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Due to Singapore’s humid tropical climate, many homeowners in Singapore are opting for an aircon installation. Hence the large number of companies that provide air conditioning repair and installation services. The rates and quality of the aircon servicing Singapore offered by various businesses differ depending on the business profile and future plans.

Since the performance and the efficiency of the air conditioner will depend to some extent on the service, whether it is commercial or residential, owners would want to hire the best air conditioning service provider that they can afford to execute an aircon repair or installation. Some tips for hiring the best aircon servicing service provider are listed below. 


Ask For Recommendations From Family and Friends 

One of the best ways to identify a reliable aircon servicing company is through word of mouth from friends, family, or relatives. The reason this is a better option than online reviews is that you can get first-hand information from them and they are more likely to be honest with the recommended air conditioner repair business. Through this, you can also get additional information like the aircon servicing price, services provided, and overall experience with the service they rendered.


Check If They Provide End-to-End Aircon Services


You might wonder what you can expect from professional aircon servicing. For a number of reasons, homeowners always recommend hiring a general-purpose air conditioning service provider that provides full service, including installation, repair, and replacement. If a different company is hired for installation and repair, the repair company’s staff may blame the installer and charge more for some of the problems encountered. Similar problems will be faced if repairs and servicing are done by different companies, in addition to spending more time dealing with multiple companies, the overall cost will be higher. 

It is advisable to choose an end-to-end company that offers aircon servicing. It will also be easier and faster for the staff to service the aircons which they have installed earlier since each company has its own procedure for installation, which the staff is trained in. Similar problems will be faced if repairs and servicing are done by different companies, in addition to spending more time dealing with multiple companies, the overall cost will be higher. 

It is recommended to choose an installation company after confirming that the installation company also provides aircon repair service and maintenance services. It will also be easier and faster for the staff to service the aircons which they have installed earlier since each company has its own procedure for installation, which the staff is trained in. 


Check If They Have A Wide Range of Skills and Experience

Another important aircon servicing tip is to look for a company that has a large extent on the qualification, skills, and experience of the staff. Before finalizing a service provider, it is advisable to ask the company about their staff, headcount, experience, training, repair skills, and aircon projects

Most companies are willing to share details of the employees who will provide air conditioning services to customers, especially for larger contracts. Since the service staff will work in properties where valuables including documents are lying around, property owners would also like to find out if the company can give a guarantee that their staff will not tamper with any item in the house or business premises.


Research The Aircon Company’s Reliability and Reputation 


While homeowners who have lived in Singapore for decades will have a large social network and access to advice, others may not have trusted friends or relatives to offer advice. In this case, online reviews can help identify reliable service providers quickly and easily so that whenever you are experiencing common aircon issues that require aircon servicing, you know who to turn to. 

Usually, well-known and well-established air conditioning companies receive a lot of reviews from customers who have used their services for many years. If these customers are happy with aircon servicing, most of the reviews will be positive. However, property owners should be aware that online reviews can be easily manipulated. For this reason, it is also advisable to contact via phone or personally. 


Make Sure They Are Properly Licensed


One reason to avoid DIY aircon servicing is that it can be dangerous opening the unit, especially without the proper skills and training. Well-known businesses that provide air conditioning services are usually trained and licensed so that they can easily get orders from their big clients and all clients can receive great service. 

Often in order to obtain a license, businesses must ensure that their employees are well-trained, skilled, and have the tools needed to properly perform air conditioning repairs. The company should also be able to offer a warranty on the aircon servicing they provide. If a client is not happy with the quality of the services, in addition to sharing their experience publicly, they can also complain to the licensing authority.



When opting for an aircon installation, it is best to hire a professional aircon servicing company due to a number of good reasons like avoiding future unwanted expenses for repairs because of improper installations. A tip on choosing the best aircon installer in Singapore is to ask for recommendations from families or friends. This way, you can hear their full experience firsthand. It is also vital to check if they are an end-to-end aircon servicing company, have a wide range of skills and experiences, check if their company’s reputation is good through online reviews, and make sure they are properly licensed. 


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