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5 Tips on Choosing the Best Aircon Installer in Singapore

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Though many people in Singapore have a residential or commercial aircon set up in their home or workplace, the process of actually installing an aircon is fairly difficult. As such, it is important to have a good aircon installer conduct the process for you. By having a person knowledgeable on aircon servicing install your unit, you can prevent it from facing issues like aircon water leaks.

Thus, here are five tips on choosing the best aircon installer in Singapore.


  1. Engage An End-to-End Service Provider

Hiring different technicians from various companies to perform similar services can be extremely costly and time-consuming. As such, it is recommended that you engage an end-to-end service provider when having an aircon installation done. By doing so, you can ensure that the technician assigned to help you has the right amount of experience and knowledge in handling complex aircon works. This will also help you to avoid any major installation mistakes which might require costly aircon repairs. Furthermore, contacting an end-to-end service provider will provide you with more opportunities to receive discounts and special promos.


  1. Check If The Service Provider Is Certified

When engaging a service provider to install your aircon, be sure to check if they are certified. This is because companies that are properly certified are known to provide high-quality services as compared to those with little to no certification. Furthermore, a certified aircon service provider is more likely to consist of professionals who are highly trained in providing various aircon services.

To know if a company is certified, you can call them directly to inquire. Otherwise, send them a message online or check their website. Once you know if the company you intend to engage is certified, you will feel more at ease when hiring their aircon installation services.


  1. Check The Company’s Reviews


Another way of assessing the reputability of the aircon installation service provider you want to engage is by checking their reviews online. Thanks to the Internet, you can easily search for evaluations made by previous customers of a specific company who have had their own aircon installed. Such evaluations will normally include the quality of the company’s services, the efficiency of their workers, and the cost of their services.

If you have doubts about relying on online reviews in assessing an aircon service provider, then try asking for evaluations in person instead. Your friends, family, or mere acquaintances can give you an overview on how well a certain company carries out its services and if they are well-suited to install your new aircon.


  1. See To It That The Service Provider Is Transparent

A good aircon installation service provider should be open and transparent about the types of air conditioners they are qualified to install as well as the installation process itself. Moreover, they must be able to explain the technical aspects of the job and justify its cost. The company should also be capable of producing a fully-detailed quote which normally includes a description of the needed works, the period of completion, quantity, and price.

If the service provider you are in contact with is unable to demonstrate sufficient knowledge on the details involved in installing your aircon, it is probably best that you do not hire their services. Otherwise, your unit might end up being improperly installed and may even experience various aircon issues that require troubleshooting.


  1. Check If The Service Provider Offers After-sales Services


An air conditioning service that prioritizes customer satisfaction must be able to provide after-sales services. That way, you can maximize your engagement with them as much as you can. Common after-sales services provided by aircon companies usually include warranties to ensure that your unit is immediately repaired or replaced if it experiences issues. Some even offer manuals and cleaning products to help you in maintaining your HDB or office aircon.

To know if the service provider you intend to engage offers after-sales services, do not hesitate to ask when calling them. Take note that some companies only provide aircon installation services without any additional benefits.



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