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5 Tips to Reduce Loud Aircon Noise

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If your aircon unit makes clicking, screeching, or clanging noises when turned on, it may be noise from your aircon compressor. This is usually a sign showing that there is a faulty compressor which could lead to your aircon leaking water. If this is the case for your aircon, it is best to call an aircon servicing company to have it fixed immediately.


Before seeking help, you can also try these 5 tips to reduce loud aircon noise:


1. Tighten any loose screws


When the aircon is running, there is a subtle vibration and over time, this vibration can loosen the screws within your unit. This can lead to rattling when your unit runs, but eventually, other parts may become loose too. Loose screws should not be ignored and must be tightened once noticed. You can also seek help from professional technicians for aircon repair and let them detect the main cause of the aircon noise. In Singapore, you can choose aircon technicians offering HDB, Condo, Commercial, and Industrial aircon services.


2. Use a sound blanket

Sound blankets can help dampen the aircon noise levels. This is a great solution for you if you cannot move your aircon unit elsewhere. The aircon sound blankets will usually offer 5 decibels of insulation, and thus can reduce nearly as much as 65 percent of the noise. Since other factors also have a role to play, you can expect around a 30 to 50 percent reduction of the aircon noise levels.


3. Install a noise barrier around your unit


Any aircon from various aircon brands can be subject to aircon noise. Yet, another option to reduce the aircon noise from your unit will be to have a fence or a barrier created between your home and the unit itself. This barrier will not stop the noise that rises vertically because there will be no obstacle right above your aircon unit. However, it can deflect noise traveling to your home horizontally. A barrier, or the fence, will also help prevent any debris or leaves from collecting on and thus harming your unit.  It is also advisable to avoid solving the noisy aircon problem yourself and just let the professional do it to avoid further damages.


4. Remove any debris from the blades

Another simple way to control the loud aircon noise will be to open your AC cabinet and look for any debris around your fan blades. If you do find any debris, you simply need to do aircon cleaning and this will likely reduce the aircon sounds that you experience when you switch on your unit. Though this does not take much time, if you do not even have spare time, you can ask for a normal aircon servicing with experienced technicians to do it for you.


5. Attach a hose/duct to the drainage


In some setups, water collecting in the aircon may drain out into some hard surfaces and make dripping noises. If you can hear water dripping from your AC unit, then there is no problem with your unit at all. To get rid of the aircon noise that you hear, you simply need to get a hose attached to the aircon fan coil drainage so that the water can be directed elsewhere, and your problem will be solved. However, if the aircon has a water leak, an aircon water tray installation may be necessary.



Knowing the cause of a noisy aircon is key to preventing an aircon issue from getting severe. If you are seeing signs of malfunctioning, you can do basic troubleshooting. However, it is still better to ask a professional like DW Aircon to check and fix the issue. They have technicians with years of experience and their customers can attest to it, based on the reviews they receive on their website.


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