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5 Ways An Aircon Servicing Contract Can Save You Money

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You might have invested in a good-quality aircon. Due to this, you might be thinking that it will last a long time without you having to bother about it completely. While it is true that an aircon from a reputable brand will last you longer, it will start showing aircon repair symptoms if you do not take care of it. 

It is important to opt for an aircon servicing contract if you want to increase the lifespan of your air conditioner and do not want to experience issues. In fact, an aircon serving contract can even help you save money in various ways, and we will learn about them in this post. 


It Reduces Aircon Emergencies


If your unit is not taken care of properly, it can suddenly start showing signs that it needs an aircon repair or replacement. When there is a sudden issue, you will not have much of a choice as far as an aircon service expert is concerned, and may have to settle with just about anyone. These technicians may only do your aircon more harm than good, and you will be wasting your money unnecessarily.

However, if you opt for the best aircon servicing contract in Singapore, then not only will your AC be in safe hands always, you will not even have to worry about any emergencies cropping up. As a part of the contract, the experts will check, clean, service your AC on a regular basis, and troubleshoot any common aircon issues. They will leave you with nothing to worry about at all.


It Lowers Repair Costs

The bigger the repair, the more you have to be ready to pay. In order to avoid such unnecessary expenses, it is important to note the importance of regular aircon servicing. You must get your aircon checked regularly so that issues can be fixed when they are still small.

A good benefit of hiring a professional aircon servicing company is that the technicians will visit your home on a regular basis and look for the aircon issues that require servicing. Once they have identified the problem, they shall fix it while it is still small and within the scope of repair. If the problem is not checked on time and is allowed to grow, then the repair costs will be much higher.


It Prevents Aircon Breakdowns


If you do not go for regular maintenance, then that can be the cause behind complete system failure, especially during the high-demand season. When your AC does not get the attention that it deserves then dust and dirt can build up, or the poorly lubricated parts can lead to more serious issues. You will also end up handling aircon emergencies.

However, if you have hired an expert for regular servicing then they will make sure to properly check for the types of aircon repair you need. They will also ensure that every issue is addressed and that your AC is always clean and works efficiently. Thus, the chances of breakdowns will greatly be minimized.


It Increases Your Aircon’s Lifespan


An aircon will not last you forever. However, if you do not maintain it the right way then its lifespan will further be reduced. So, to stretch its lifespan as much as possible, you need to opt for regular maintenance or a quarterly aircon service package.

As a part of most aircon servicing contracts, the filters will be checked and cleaned regularly and even replaced if needed. Also, you will be told about the importance of clean aircon filters and other parts. When your aircon receives such kind of care its lifespan certainly will be increased.


It Lowers Your Energy Bills


Regular maintenance is also one of the best aircon energy-saving tips. Not only will the repair expenses be much lower, but when you opt for an aircon servicing package, your energy bills will also be reduced. Owing to dirt and wear, your air conditioner is not able to work as efficiently, and this can make your system use more energy to offer the same amount of cooling. In certain cases, where regular aircon maintenance is not opted for, the efficiency of the system can greatly be reduced.

If you recognize how often you should have aircon servicing done and have hired the best expert, then they will clean and lubricate your system. This will make sure your aircon does not experience energy losses and your electricity bills will also be much less.


Contact DW Aircon for A Quarterly Aircon Servicing Contract


Another point to note when engaging an aircon maintenance company is you have to make sure you hand an aircon servicing contract only with trustworthy technicians.  DW Aircon Servicing Singapore professionals can prove to be your best bet. Each of our experts is thoroughly professional, well-trained, and has years of experience. 

We offer bi-yearly and tri-yearly servicing. These options are ideal for those who do not want their aircon to be serviced too often. However, if you use your aircon too frequently, then the quarterly plan will make an ideal choice.



You have purchased a high-quality air conditioner from one of the best-selling aircon brands in Singapore. You might think that it will serve you well for many years to come. Aircons from well-known brands may last longer. However, if they do not follow the tips for aircon cleaning and give it attention, they won’t be as long-lasting as they might be. 

If you want your air conditioner to last longer and have fewer problems, you might consider signing up for an aircon service contract. It reduces the need to make mistakes during DIY aircon servicing, reduces aircon emergency incidents, lowers repair costs, and increases your aircon’s lifespan. Now that you know how regular aircon servicing can save you money, hire a reputable technician regularly. 


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