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5 Ways to Prevent Aircon Leaking Water Problems

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Are you aware that an aircon leaking water can cause severe water damage to your home or business properties? This is particularly true if you do not frequently maintain the evaporator coils, drains, and pipes, resulting in water problems. Regular Aircon servicing on your units can save you from potential water damages and extend your aircon system’s lifespan.

Here are several measures you can embrace to prevent aircon dripping water to your properties:


1. Frequently Change The Air Filters


It is important to have clean aircon filters. Aircon filters can be cleaned with water and left to dry but it is also quite common to change them entirely. These filters often need to be changed twice a year. However, if your filters need to be changed more regularly, then do not hesitate to change them. Note that changing filters is one of the best ways of preventing the system from functioning inefficiently. With this, you can prevent freezing of the heating and cooling coils while also enjoying aircon energy savings. Getting an aircon servicing contract can also save you from the trouble of choosing and changing the aircon filters on your own.

2. Clean Your Aircon Condenser Annually

The aircon unit requires adequate airflow to function correctly. This means that you must clean all the accumulated dirt on the aircon condenser, fan motor and fan PCB. You must also ensure that the condenser and other exterior parts are not covered with materials that can prevent free airflow. You can also hire technicians offering aircon repairs in Singapore and have them clean the aircon condenser.


3. Keep the Drain Line In Good Condition

You will need to maintain the proper flow of water in your aircon drain system. One of the ways to check why the aircon is leaking water is through the condensation line. When the water is running, check if the condensation line is functional and open and if not, then ensure to clean the aircon fan coil drainage holes. The holes are typically found on the cabinet base so use a thin wire to poke through the holes to ensure it is clean and free from dirt.

How to Unclog Your Aircon Drain Line

At times, the drain line may get clogged mainly by mineral deposits, algae, and dirt and at times by mildew or mold. A clogged drain line is the leading cause of water overflowing into your house. You can do a normal aircon servicing by attaching a dry/wet vacuum to the drain line to get rid of any papers before sucking the clog out. Besides, you can fit an overflow detection device on the draining line to automatically shut down the alternating current unit if the drain line malfunctions. If this does not solve the issue, you can also request an aircon chemical overhaul from a service provider.


4. Install A Condensation Pump


One of the reasons why aircon is leaking is because of excess water accumulated inside the unit. When this happens, it will help if you install a condensation pump to your aircon system to direct the excess water to flow into the right disposal drain. Note that apart from installing a pump, you can also fit the safety float, which will spontaneously disconnect the aircon system’s power if condensation starts accumulating, thus preventing your aircon compressor from leaking. It is also advisable to let an aircon conditioning service to do the installation to make sure that all connections will be made accordingly.

5. Hire An Expert To Maintain/ Inspect Your Aircon System Professionally

Although this may sound to be a costly endeavor in the short term, the truth is that hiring an aircon maintenance company to maintain your aircon system frequently will save you a lot of money in the long term. Aircon maintenance and inspection can be challenging for those without experience. Therefore, it is always recommended to hire an expert to do the job. This is because a professional will identify and fix the aircon issues you face. For instance, an experienced aircon technician can handle issues concerning your aircon compressors, ductwork, and programmable thermostat, among other items that would otherwise result in a severe problem in your aircon if not addressed.


Why Is It Essential to Maintain Your Aircon System Frequently?


Some of the common causes of aircon leaking issues are frozen evaporator fan coils, clogged drains, pipes, and faulty connections. It is therefore imperative to check your aircon system regularly, not less than twice a year. Remember that regular maintenance not only prolongs your design but also prevents severe damages that would otherwise result in extra expenses to fix your aircon.

Prevent water damage

A poorly maintained aircon system can quickly cause extensive water damage in case of malfunctioning. One of the most annoying problems in your home can be water damage. It can be frustration in your possessions, home properties, and business and even to the health of your employees and family members. Remember, even for just 24 hours; minor water leakage can escalate to several molds and algae growth at your property when left untreated. This is the reason why trained technicians with highly advanced aircon maintenance equipment can help you identify and fix any leaking issues before the aircon issues escalate.


Preventing aircon leaking water problems can not only help you save money it can also save you from the hassle of doing the maintenance work. The preventive measures listed here can also extend the lifespan of your aircon unit. However, it is also advisable to seek professionals like DW Aircon to check your units regularly for any signs of damage. As proof of their quality service, you may read reviews on their website.


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