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5 Ways to Solve Aircon Leaking Water Issues

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If your air conditioner is leaking water, it may be due to many possible reasons. This problem needs to be solved as soon as possible. It is best to hire a professional service to identify the cause and fix the aircon leaking water problem.


Change Air Filters

The accumulation of dirt in the air filter can cause the evaporator coils to freeze over from not getting enough airflow through them. When the coils freeze, it can cause significant damage to the coil and other parts of the aircon unit. Damage to the coils and other parts could mean getting a new aircon unit. To fix this quickly, replacing your air filter is the best thing to do.


Replace Drain Pan


If you notice that your drain pan has a crack in it, use some sealant to seal the crack. However, if the aircon is quite old and the drain pan is rusty and leaking water, you need a new drain pan. This is also an easy and inexpensive fix compared to replacing your aircon unit.

You should contact an aircon company and ask for help to ensure your replacement drain pan is the correct one for your unit. Otherwise, the drain pan might be too small or too large. It does make a difference!


Clean Drain Line

A Clogged condensate drain line is one of the most common causes of aircon leaks. Over the years, dirt, dust, and mold combined with the moisture going through the line can block the drain line. This is another relatively inexpensive fix to your leak problem.

You can use a plumber’s snake to remove the obstructions from the line. You may opt for DIY options like pouring 1 to 2 cups of bleach or vinegar into your condensation line every six months to prevent drain lines from clogging. Doing so will help keep your drain line clean by preventing mold growth that would otherwise clog up your drain line.


Replace Condensate Pump


The condensate pump forces water from condensation out of your home or commercial space. If the condensate pump of your aircon is not functioning properly, that may be the cause of the water leak. Call a reputable air conditioning company to help you examine and diagnose your condensate pump.


Low Refrigerant


If none of the above seems to be the source of the problem, maybe you have a low level of refrigerant. If your aircon unit is not cooling properly or lets out a hissing or bubbling sound, you may have a low level of refrigerant. Call a reputable aircon company and have a technician come and check the level of refrigerant in your system and perform an aircon gas top-up if needed.


Contact a Professional Aircon Servicing Company if Issues Persist

Water leaking from your aircon unit is something that needs immediate attention. Our technicians at DW Aircon Servicing have over ten years of experience in servicing air conditioning systems. We provide aircon services islandwide and will be glad to provide the aircon leaking water fix.



Once you start to notice that your aircon is leaking water, the best thing to do is start taking preventive measures like regular checking, maintenance, and replacing faulty parts. Doing so may help you prolong the lifespan of your aircon unit. If serious problems occur, contact professionals like DW Aircon to quickly diagnose any issue you have. Our experienced team of will be able to recommend a variety of solutions to have your aircon running safely.


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