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6 Common Aircon Maintenance Mistakes You Should Avoid

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We feel that the only important thing that we need to do is to install an aircon from a reputable brand to enjoy efficient cooling forever. However, if we want to enjoy efficient cooling for a long time, we have to give importance to regular aircon servicing such as aircon maintenance. General aircon maintenance will help identify any underlying aircon issues, which can be fixed on time. Thus, we will not likely have to experience bigger problems and more expensive aircon repairs. Now regular maintenance is indeed essential, but at the same time, you have to be careful and avoid making some common aircon maintenance mistakes which we shall help you learn more about right away.


Not checking or replacing aircon filters


Your aircon has filters designed to catch debris, dirt, dust, and other contaminants. The more you use your aircon, the more the filters will catch the contaminants, and eventually, the filters will get clogged. Many people make the mistake of not checking the filters regularly. Now, if the filters are not checked and not replaced if needed, it will affect the air quality indoors. The importance of clean aircon filters is that it makes your aircon efficient and effective. Furthermore, your aircon will have to work a lot harder to maintain your set temperature, and this will reflect in your energy bills. As a part of your aircon maintenance, check the filters regularly and replace them whenever needed.  Changing filters is a simple task that you can do by yourself. However, it is recommended to hire an aircon maintenance services company to do the job effectively and properly.


Continuous aircon usage

Some people keep running their aircon throughout the day without giving it any break. Naturally, this will increase your energy bills, but at the same time, the condenser unit will also experience extra pressure. If you always keep running your aircon without offering it any break, it may stop working as efficiently or even stop working altogether. It will be wise if you turn off the aircon at least for a few minutes when you notice your room has become cool enough. Additionally, when you are going out for lunch or leaving the room, turn the aircon off and give it some rest to increase its longevity so that you can avoid experiencing common aircon issues that require aircon servicing.


Wrong thermostat setting


You may want to cool your room as fast as possible, so you set the thermostat to a much lower temperature than the desired indoor temperature. The fact is that your aircon has a certain cooling capacity. It will take the same time to reach 25 degrees, even if you set your thermostat to 20 degrees or less. When you select a lower temperature, your aircon will need to work harder. Stop exerting extra pressure on your unit unnecessarily, these are one of the aircon maintenance mistakes you should avoid. If you want to save money while staying comfortable, try investing in a programmable thermostat. In that case, one of the many benefits of a programmable thermostat is that they are energy-efficient and accurate.


Not engaging in regular aircon servicing services


This is one of the biggest mistakes that you can make. While some homeowners may service their aircon on their own, it is recommended to hire professional aircon services to service your aircon regularly. This is to avoid the common mistakes that people make when doing DIY aircon servicing. If you are searching for quality and affordable aircon services, you can choose our DW aircon experts. Each of our aircon experts is well-trained and highly experienced. As a part of our aircon maintenance services, we shall visit your home on a scheduled basis and check your aircon thoroughly. Even the smallest issues shall be identified and fixed on time, so you will not have to worry about bigger problems and expensive repairs. Also, we shall clean your aircon components properly so that you enjoy fresh, clean, and healthy air always. If you are looking to do aircon maintenance on a regular basis as your aircon is heavily used, you can opt for an aircon servicing contract.


Ignoring aircon repair signs

This is yet another common aircon maintenance mistake that most people make and that you must avoid. If you notice any signs of improper operation or efficiency loss like loud noise when operating or your aircon is leaking water, then you must call an expert without a wait. Owing to wear and tear, the parts start degrading, and if this issue is detected on time, the parts can be fixed at nominal rates. However, if the problem is ignored, then the parts may have to be replaced, proving to be quite expensive. If you are looking for aircon maintenance services, one of the things to note when engaging an aircon maintenance company is their experience.


Not replacing old aircon when it has reached service life


Your air conditioner cannot serve you forever. Thus, when its service life ends, you must replace it with a new one. Many people do not pay importance to this, and even after their aircon has served them for 15 years, they still keep getting it repaired instead of replacing it when their aircon malfunctions. Do not make this mistake as it will only be very expensive. You will have to pay expensive repair bills, and your energy bills will also keep going higher. Therefore, be wise and once your aircon has reached the end of its service life, invest in a new one without further waiting. Once you have chosen your aircon unit, engage professional aircon services to install your aircon.



Aircon maintenance must be done to keep your aircon performing at its optimal level. Familiarize yourself with these common aircon maintenance mistakes such as not checking or replacing aircon filters, wrong thermostat setting, ignoring aircon repairs, and not replacing old aircon when it has reached service life. By knowing these aircon maintenance mistakes, you can avoid making them yourself. Some of them ignore aircon cleaning maintenance to save a few hundred dollars but end up paying a lump sum on aircon repairs or, even worse, cause the system to stop working altogether. Therefore, it is recommended to engage a professional aircon servicing company for aircon maintenance services as they are experienced and skilled to get the job done properly and efficiently.



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