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6 Common Problems of Daikin Aircon

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Daikin aircon are one of the top three aircon brands to install and there are many reasons to install one. After installing a Daikin aircon, it is important to regularly clean and maintain it. However, your Daikin aircon may run into some issues eventually due to improper installation, improper maintenance, or because of old age.

Our company, DW Aircon Servicing, has been at the forefront and has experience of more than five years performing Daikin aircon servicing. We have conducted Daikin aircon installations, aircon servicing, chemical overhaul, and gas top up. Hence, we are experts in the ins and outs of a Daikin aircon and are sure to help you with any aircon services you might need.



Air conditioner leaking or dripping water 

Daikin aircon has a common problem of leakage when they break down. The aircon leakage usually is because of a clogged aircon pipe or a blockage in the evaporator coil, leading to condensation forming and seeping out. This is a sign that aircon servicing is in order.   


Air conditioner not turning on/off 
 Another typical breakdown that Daikin aircon experience is that it may fail to turn on or off. In this instance, the wiring aspect could be the problem. Our qualified technicians can check the wiring and perform an aircon repair when such a problem occurs. In case you notice this problem, you can contact us any day of the week, from 9 AM – 9 PM.


Air conditioning not starting 

Daikin aircon can fail to start due to blowing a fuse when the power overflows in the system. The primary root cause of this problem is the power source that may be unregulated. The ordinary Daikin aircon servicing for this problem is through the replacement of the fuse.  


Failure to cool or heat 

Another breakdown experienced by the Daikin aircon is the failure to blow cold air, and sometimes even blow hot air. The problem lies with a faulty thermostat. The evaporating coil might also be frozen hence, it is unable to evaporate the cooling liquid into a gas and absorb heat at the same time. Our team has able technicians who can get the two working through servicing them.


Refrigerant leaks 

Leakage from the refrigerant is possible if the evaporating coils are cracked or there are holes, which could cause a whistling or hissing sound emitting from the aircon.  In this case, it is best to replace the evaporating coils.



Noisy air conditioner

This may happen in conjunction with a refrigerant leak as the symptoms are similar. That is not to say that the air conditioner is facing this problem every time it makes a noise. There are a few factors that may lead to a noisy aircon and that could be a clogged fan coil, a choked-up condenser, an off-kilter air-con blower, or a few other factors put together. An experienced aircon technician will be able to diagnose any underlying issues and recommend what are the next steps to take.

It is not necessary that a Daikin aircon will face one or more of these problems during its lifetime as long as you keep the aircon parts in healthy form with regular maintenance.

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