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6 Reasons To Install Daikin Aircon In Singapore

(Last Updated On: January 25, 2020)

6 Reasons To Install Daikin Aircon In Singapore

There are many types of air conditioners in Singapore to choose from. One of our top 3 best-selling aircon brands and a regular favorite among Singaporean households is Daikin. If you are considering a Daikin aircon, look at the 6 best reasons why you would choose to install one in Singapore.


  • Made in Japan

Daikin is a company that originated from Osaka, Japan and has been around for almost a century. To cement their position as one of the top aircon brands worldwide, Daikin has constantly strived for innovation in the technology, sustainability, and engineering in their aircon products. Daikin is a company that one of the best representations of Japan by offering top of the line products which have designs and features that pose as a leading example of the rest of the aircon brands to follow.


  • Caters To All Needs

Daikin creates aircon products that meet the demands of all types of people living in Singapore. It has aircon products that can be used for commercial and residential purposes. At the same time in as much as Daikin recognizes varying demands, it also serves various price tiers so that it remains affordable for everyone. Daikin aircon can be installed at different prices for different systems. Some models come cheap, while other latest models might be a bit expensive.


  • Pioneer in Air Conditioning Business

Daikin is one of the first companies to enter the aircon business. Daikin is one of the oldest companies that make aircon products in the market that still exist until today. Daikin is known to be the first in creating various aircon features that other brands might have copied. To protect the originality of its inventions, Daikin has several patents under its name.


  • Global Environmental Health

Products are made with due respect and consideration in alleviating the effects of global warming. They are also made with consumer safety and protection in mind. Most of their premium-range aircon products score NEA 5 Ticks in Singapore.


  • One of the Most Energy Efficient Systems

It has one of the most energy-efficient systems around the globe. All aircon products made by Daikin shows maximum cooling capacity with minimal use of electricity, scoring NEA 5 Ticks on it’s Daikin Smile Series, though they do come at a higher price than an NEA 2 Tick Daikin Inverter System 1. This allows the user to save on energy expenditure while at the same time provide adequate cooling to his or her home. It is one of the aircon giants in the market which offer energy conservation features for their aircon products.


  • Made for All Conditions

Products can withstand varying conditions and other elements that destroy most aircon products. The durability of Daikin ensures users that they will get their money’s worth. With Daikin, aircon expect products that have a long service life that can be pushed to their limits without any problems. Daikin air conditioners are also easy to clean and maintain.

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