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6 Reasons Why You Should Purchase Daikin iSmile Series For Your Home in Singapore

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Due to its location near the equator, Singapore can get extremely hot and humid, especially during the summer months. In line with this, many aircon brands are taking advantage of the demand for aircons in response to the country’s high temperatures.

One of the best-selling aircon brands in Singapore is Daikin, a multinational brand that produces reliable and efficient air conditioners. Daikin aircon systems are among the most popular aircons among homeowners. Among the different models that Daikin offers, the aircons under the Daikin iSmile series are considered top-notch. Let’s read more about their features and the reasons why they are generally preferred below.


It Is Easily Controllable

An iSmile aircon like the Daikin MKS80TVMG / CTKS25TVMG X3 has a condenser unit and multiple flow-control units. Users can set the temperature of each unit separately according to their preference. This will prevent energy inefficiency and is especially advantageous when it comes to setting different temperatures for different rooms. 

Aircon energy-saving tips can be helpful but only to a certain extent. It’s important to choose an air conditioner that is energy efficient like  Daikin aircons.


Provides An Allergen-Free Environment

People are spending 90% of their time indoors. Take note that if you don’t consider the importance of having a clean filter, levels of indoor air pollution in your home might become higher. This often causes various health problems like allergies to more serious respiratory diseases. These problems can also be amplified if regular aircon cleaning isn’t done often.

To remedy indoor air pollution, The Daikin iSmile MKS80TVMG / CTKS25TVMG X3 / CTKS50TVMG features a Particulate Matter (PM) 2.5 filter. This filter will purify the air from varying allergens sized 2.5 microns and higher. It also significantly improves air quality which effectively reduces air pollution and improves sleep quality, among other benefits.




Choosing the right Daikin aircon is extremely important. Although all Daikin models are designed to be environmentally friendly, Daikin iSmile aircons are the most energy-efficient. With its minimal consumption of energy, this can aid in the reduction of global warming. Additionally, it uses R410A refrigerant which does not deplete the ozone layer.


Low Noise Operation

Even the common types of air conditioner noise make it difficult for people to get sleep or concentrate on their studies or work. Fortunately, an iSmile aircon like the Daikin MKS50TVMG / CTKS25TVMG X2 operates at a low noise level. In fact, the noise levels from this small capacity wall-mounted Daikin unit are unnoticeable at 19 dB whereas larger capacity units operate at 22 dB. By investing in the iSmile aircon, you can now stop wondering why your aircon is making loud noises.


Comes With Smart Home Technology

The iSmile series aircons are equipped with the latest smart home technology, which can be controlled remotely using Daikin D’SmartHome App on your smartphone even when you are away. You can conveniently switch your unit on or off at a specific time using the various schedule options in the app. You can even let the aircon automatically optimize for energy efficiency, which means you don’t have to schedule aircon maintenance services often.


Can Match Any Home Interior


Even the inverter models of the iSmile series are elegantly and ergonomically designed. This makes them compatible with any theme your room has. They are also space-saving and easily installable.


Engage DW Aircon Servicing For Your Daikin Aircon Installation Services

DW Aircon is renowned for its top-notch air conditioning services. It has a team of reliable and experienced technicians who can easily install your Daikin aircon or even repair your Daikin aircon and other aircon units you have installed. 

After rendering aircon services, our technicians will test the performance of the unit. This is to guarantee that the aircons are properly installed and as a way to prevent water leaking and other common aircon problems often caused by improper aircon installations.



The elegant and ergonomic Daikin iSmile series has a lot of innovations. It provides a sheer amount of automation for its users. Its filter also provides an allergen-free environment, all while operating at a low noise level. Additionally, it operates in an environmentally-friendly way, effectively reducing potential global warming contributions. We can now see the reasons why homeowners are choosing the Daikin iSmile series aircons.

There are many reasons to avoid DIY aircon installation. In most cases, it’s always better to leave it to the professionals. For any aircon installation in Singapore, DW Aircon has got you covered. We take pride in our aircon installation services and will ensure that it is tailored to the customer’s needs and wants. 


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