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7 Reasons Why Aircon Light Blinking and How to Fix It

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Aircon are complex electrical equipment that can be affected by the environment. For example, accumulated dust and dirt on the outside grille can affect the performance of your aircon. Generally, aircon light blinking is an aircon repair symptom as it occurs when the machine has detected an internal error. Most aircon brands have equipped their devices with aircon light blinking to indicate that there is an internal error that needs aircon repair. Here are 7 common reasons why your aircon light blinks.


  1. Poor Air Circulation

If your aircon unit is unable to circulate air properly, you may experience aircon not cold issue. This can be caused by wrong placement of the aircon unit or a problem with the aircon drive motor. You should check the error code displayed by the aircon unit through the user manual.

Most manufacturers have provided their aircon models with the ability to display an error message on the unit’s remote control or control panel display. If the error code does not appear in the user manual, you may need to engage an aircon maintenance company.


  1. Refrigerant Leak


Refrigerant gas is an important component in an aircon as it keeps the aircon functioning optimally. Without enough refrigerant, condensation may occur which may cause the condenser to freeze, eventually leading to aircon leaking. Lack of refrigerant may also cause damage to the compressor unit, and a hissing sound may be experienced.

Low refrigerant levels are usually resolved through an aircon gas top up. The professional aircon maintenance company will correct the refrigerant leak and repair any related aircon issues. Refrigerant leaks are highly harmful to both your health and the environment; hence you should contact an aircon maintenance company as soon as you detect your aircon leaking refrigerant.


  1. Clogged Air Filters

Having clean aircon filters allow the evaporator unit to work more smoothly and blow more clean and strong air. When your aircon lacks maintenance, dust will accumulate, making your aircon filters prone to clogging and aircon odour. To avoid airflow blockage in the evaporator coil, you should ensure that your aircon filters are cleaned at least once every three months. Neglecting the evaporator coils themselves will cause them to freeze, resulting in water leaks when the coil melts.

If deep cleaning is required, it is advisable to contact a trained professional for aircon chemical overhaul.


  1. Frozen Evaporator Coils

If this alarm occurs, it is advisable to give immediate attention as it can lead to aircon leaking water emergency. Frozen evaporator coils may also be caused by an issue in the ducts.

To check if your evaporator fan coils have frozen, open the front panel of your unit and see if a layer of ice has formed on them. If your aircon evaporator coils are frozen, the aircon compressor may need to be switched off briefly until the evaporator temperature rises. You should contact an experienced aircon servicing company if the issue persists.


  1. Poor Maintenance

When an air conditioner is not maintained regularly, the aircon unit will face issues and malfunction. Therefore, it is essential to check and maintain it regularly. Regular aircon maintenance will guarantee that your unit is always clean and enjoy the cool air.

Sometimes the flashing light is an indication that the aircon unit needs to undergo aircon servicing. You should try troubleshooting in case of clogged air filters or contact an aircon servicing company.


  1. Incorrect Installation


If your Daikin aircon was installed by inexperienced technicians who do not have the proper training the Daikin Aircon Light Blinking will indeed occur to indicate that its installation was unsuccessful.

This is one case where a flashing light indicates that there is a Daikin aircon problem. When this light appears, it is important to verify the root cause by deciphering the error code displayed or referring to the instruction manual. We always advise hiring a professional’s services with many positive reviews to ensure that your aircon installation is done correctly and running smoothly.


  1. Electrical Fault


When your aircon faces an electrical fault, two common reasons are a damaged PCB (printed circuit board) problem or damage to electrical wiring.

  • Consult your owner’s manual. Look for the related error code to begin troubleshooting your aircon issue; it can help identify the root cause and guide the course of action.
  • Check the printed circuit board. If there is moisture or water present on the PCB, flickering may occur causing the aircon compressor to fail.
  • If it is clean, do not intervene. If you notice dirt, clean it carefully with a cotton cloth and alcohol.
  • Check the electrical wiring. If the unit is blowing air, then the problem could be inside the unit. Check for a fuse or blown component.
  • When the unit does not turn on, check the electrical wiring protection components. There may be a blown fuse or breaker. Also, check the ground wiring, which protects against transient surges.

However, it is always recommended to contact a professional aircon servicing company if such an issue occurs as they would be equipped with the technical knowledge and tools to solve the issue.


How to Fix Aircon Light Blinking

Test for Error Code

In terms of aircon troubleshooting, almost all aircon models in Singapore are programmed to have the Aircon Light Blinking to display a possible fault with the equipment.

Firstly, verify your aircon brand manual and look for the error codes related to your problem. Error codes provide essential information to help you identify the root cause. If you have multiple aircon brands, keep in mind that the error codes differ by brand and model, and you should refer to the manual for each piece of equipment.

You can also refer to the instruction manual for the troubleshooting guide. However, it is recommended to enlist a professional’s aircon services to ensure that your aircon unit does not incur any other problems.


Inspect Your Aircon for Loose Wiring


When there is a sudden power draw or abnormal power load on the air conditioner, Daikin aircon light blinking will likely be triggered. This may be due to problems with the PCB (Printed circuit board) or electrical wiring.

Diagnosing and solving the problem requires insulation and continuity tests which should be carried out by an experienced technician.

If the PCB or a power cable is faulty, it is recommended to replace the defective part as soon as possible.

Installing an aircon socket would protect your aircon and other home appliances from experiencing power overload.


Check for other symptoms


If your Mitsubishi aircon light blinking even if the outside temperature is warm and the unit does not turn off the compressor, it is likely that the condenser requires servicing. It is advisable to maintain it at least once a year to keep it running smoothly. Proper maintenance and taking care of your Mitsubishi aircon will save you money and ensure a comfortable environment efficiently.



Aircon light blinking is a common issue especially if the aircon has been in use for long periods of time without proper aircon maintenance. However, it does not always mean that it is an aircon emergency. Though, it is always recommended to approach an aircon servicing company to solve the issue. In case you need to buy a new aircon as a replacement, Everyhome Singapore has a wide range of aircon brands to choose from coupled with personalized recommendations based on your requirements.

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