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7 Reasons Why Singaporeans Choose Panasonic Aircon

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Panasonic is one of the famous top 3 AC brands in Singapore. Almost all residential houses are installed with one. If you want to know why read on. Useful information about why Singaporeans love Panasonic awaits you.


Why do Singaporeans Love Panasonic?


  • Its Panasonic
    • Since it entered the AC business in 1958, Panasonic has continued to provide excellent aircon products globally. Due to this, Panasonic has been one of the most established brands in the AC market. It has aircon products that can be used for commercial and residential purposes, Singaporeans choose Panasonic because of its reliability, quality, and long life span. The brand has earned the trust of most homeowners in Singapore by constantly meeting their demands for excellent and reliable aircon products.


  • Strict Production Methods
    • Panasonic is made with strict production methods to ensure consumer safety and top-notch performance on their AC products. The brand is not only for profit. Panasonic exists for its consumers as well. For assembly, air conditioners use only the most durable components that the factory makes. Before shipment, aircon products undergo a series of tests that measure the durability, reliability, and stability of each finished product. Only those products that pass the test are then given to distributors worldwide. With this Panasonic ensures that each product is made with the utmost respect for excellence.


  • Heating and Cooling Features
    • Homeowners in Singapore are not only looking for aircon that can cool but can also warm their rooms during cold climates. Most aircon products available on the market only offer cooling features, Panasonic, on the other hand, decided to do things differently. The latest Panasonic aircon models are now capable of providing cooling and heating for households. The company understands that sometimes cold weather in Singapore makes homeowners wish to have aircon systems that can also provide warmth to their homes.


  • Energy Saving with Econavi Technology
    • What’s ECONAVI? ECONAVI and intelligent sensor to detect unconscious waste of energy using the human activity sensor and sunlight sensor. It can monitor human location, movements, absence, and sunlight intensity. It then automatically adjusts cooling power to save energy efficiently with uninterrupted comfort and convenience


  • Japan Quality
    • Applying advanced technologies that truly make life better, we live by an unparalleled commitment to product quality. The Panasonic approach to product development originates in the DNA of Japanese craftsmanship. Panasonic is building on the Japanese tradition of uncompromising quality control worldwide, developing and manufacturing fine products and delivering them to customers everywhere.


  • Odor Management
    • Aircon products after years of usage produce unwanted odors as they work. Panasonic recognizes this, thus, its AC products come with odor management features. This feature allows Panasonic AC’s to prevent themselves from producing odor which could trigger asthma to the homeowner and to his or her children.


  • Quiet Mode
    • Sometimes air conditioners disturb sleep. This is not because they make the room too cold, but they produce a lot of noise. Panasonic as a trusted brand has aircon products that have functions that allow users to reduce the noise that they are making. This allows the homeowner to remove possible disturbance and allows him or her to have a peaceful sleep throughout the night.

These are the reasons to install Panasonic Aircon in Singapore, and Why Panasonic Aircon Is Reliable and Dependable in Singapore?

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