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8 Common Types of Aircon Noise

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Aircon noises tend to occur with residential and commercial/industrial aircon that is not well-maintained. Because they can be incredibly distracting and bothersome, it is important to have them undergo an aircon repair or replacement immediately. However, this is only possible if you study their causes and the best aircon services required to resolve them. Here is a list of eight common types of aircon noises.



Aircon installations tend to produce a buzzing sound when the fan blade in the outdoor condenser unit becomes loose or damaged. But if your aircon’s fan motor seems to be in good condition, check if there are any issues with your condenser coils. In certain cases, these can become clogged with dirt or dust over time. You can also check if your copper lines might be obstructed and are in need of repair or replacing. Lack of adequate refrigerant might be a possible cause of buzzing as well.



Inverter and non-inverter aircons consist of a component called the relay which transfers power to the compressor whenever the unit is turned on. When the relay switch sustains electrical or mechanical damage, a noisy humming sound can be heard. Thus, if your System 1 or System 2 aircon unit is humming unusually, check if your relay switch is in need of repair.




The compressor is responsible for circulating refrigerant so that the unit can distribute enough cold air. Without regular aircon servicing, the compressor’s parts can become loose or damaged over time which can cause a loud banging sound. In that case, it is best to have them repaired or replaced immediately.



Aircons consist of several metal parts. When these metal parts incur damage or loosen, they can start hitting one another which can lead to a clanking sound. To eliminate this, you will need to open up your unit and see which aircon parts have sustained damage. However, this is not recommended so you should contact an aircon maintenance company to troubleshoot the issue.



Aircons make use of manual or programmable thermostats to monitor the temperature. When the thermostat is switched on, it sends voltage to the relay which then transports it to the compressor. Should the thermostat incur any damage, it can cause the relay or compressor to produce a loud clicking noise. Thus, be sure to maintain it properly so you can avoid any major inconveniences.




Installed aircon have an outdoor condenser that includes a fan and an indoor blower with a motor. When the motor malfunctions or incurs damage, it can end up producing a distracting squealing sound. It is important therefore to ensure that it does not sustain any defects or does not loosen over time.




The condenser unit is the part of the aircon which is installed outdoors. Like aircon filters, this can end up accumulating debris which can lead to the unit producing a rattling noise if not cleared immediately. But in case you hear said noise despite your condenser unit being cleaned regularly, check if the components during an aircon installation may have become loose. Afterward, have the defective parts repaired or replaced as soon as you can.



Low refrigerant levels can cause an aircon to produce incessant screeching noises. Fortunately, this can be resolved through a simple aircon gas top up. But if you feel that your unit contains enough amounts of refrigerant, check if the fan motor in the outdoor condenser unit might be defective. You can also inspect the motor’s bearings or see if the fan belt needs repair. Internal pressure within the compressor can also be the cause of the screeching noises from your installed aircon.




Once you have studied the causes of your aircon noises, contact a good aircon service provider like DW Aircon Singapore to resolve them seamlessly. We can resolve any aircon issues you have in the shortest period of time possible and at an affordable cost. View our price list for more information on our servicing costs.

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