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8 Reasons to Install Mitsubishi Aircon System 3

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Homeowners having three or more rooms in their house would like to install a well-designed air conditioner with high energy efficiency. They can consider a system 3 aircon from Mitsubishi Aircon. It is recommended as one of the aircon systems from the top 3 best-selling aircon brands for households with three or more rooms. This is because it only has one outdoor condenser unit and three wall mounted units for each room. 

Although other aircon brands are offering similar systems, homeowners would like to get to know the benefits of installing a Mitsubishi Electric Starmex FN – System 3 Aircon. They would also like to see how it is better compared to other aircon models. Therefore, we have listed below the 8 major benefits of the Mitsubishi Starmex system 3. 


A. Reasons You Should Install Mitsubishi Aircon System 3

It Provides Maximum Comfort


The Mitsubishi Starmex System 3 aircon includes a 3-dimensional i-See sensor which measures the temperature at different points in the room. Another benefit of installing a Mitsubishi Starmex aircon is that it can detect the position of people in the room, and adjusts the temperature and airflow to maximize airflow. Dehumidification is computerized to control humidity levels right away. The swing mode has 5 airflow patterns as well.  This can be adjusted by changing the vane position to increase comfort, while matching the room’s formation. The noise levels are also low at 19 dB.


It Guarantees Fresh Air

One of the reasons why you should consider buying a Mitsubishi aircon – such as a Mitsubishi Starmex System 3 aircon– is that it has multiple filters. The filters are included in the aircon to ensure that you have fresh air, which does not contain dust, mold, bacteria and other contaminants. The electrostatic enzyme filter is charged with electricity and traps the bacteria, allergens – thus decaying them. 

Additionally, it has catechin plus prefilter, double air cleaning filter, and the nano platinum filter which has nano-meter sized particles. The importance of clean air filters is that it will freshen the air and eliminate bacteria at the same time. The PM2.5 filter will catch all the particles which are less than 2.5 micron in size. Normally, all these particles are removed within four hours.


It Is Extremely Convenient to Use

One of the advantages of installing a Mitsubishi aircon system 3 is that an operation lock is provided. This is to prevent the settings from being changed by unauthorized persons. This type of air conditioner has a 24-hour timer that allows the user to turn the aircon on or off after ten minutes. Apart from that, a weekly timer is incorporated to adjust the aircon settings, depending on the user’s requirement. In the case of power interruptions, there is an auto restart feature which makes sure that the Mitsubishi Starmex System 3 aircon is automatically switched on when the power supply is back. 


It Is Easy To Install and Maintain


The R410A refrigerant is eco-friendly and can be reused. The Mitsubishi Starmex System 3 aircon is protected in a metal box with anti-rust treatment. The self-diagnostic features allows the user to easily find out and troubleshoot common aircon issues such as why is your aircon making loud noises.


B. Benefits of Installing A Mitsubishi Electric Starmex MXY-3G28VA2 System 3 Aircon

Easy Clean Features

If you are unsure whether to buy a Daikin aircon or Mitsubishi aircon, do consider opting for a Mitsubishi aircon as it has an easy cleaning feature. This allows the user to clean the aircon unit without any special tools or training. You can service your own aircon by cleaning the front panel, vanes, fan, and filters to improve energy efficiency, performance and the aircon’s lifespan. The multiple filters will also eliminate dirt and bacteria.


Use of Comfort Technology


The Mitsubishi Starmex System 3  is one of the best-selling Inverter Aircon brand and model since it has a fuzzy logic feature. A remote controller with LCD display is provided to ensure that the temperature and humidity levels are always adjusted based on the user’s desired settings. Furthermore, the auto fan will adjust air flow and the auto vane will shift the vane angle to increase comfortability.


It Operates Silently

If you install a Mitsubishi Starmex aircon system 3, you do not need to worry about the common types of aircon noise since it only produces 19db. Compared to other models, the noise level is far lower. The twin rotary compressors used have less vibration noise. Furthermore, the joint wrap DC motor has higher winding density and high efficiency, which reduces noise pollution.


It Conserves Lots of Energy


The reason why Mitsubishi Aircon is the best energy saving aircon in Singapore is due to the linear expansion valve (LEV). This is to adjust the amount of refrigerant used based on the load on the aircon system. When the load is less, the amount of refrigerant cooled is reduced, saving energy. Pulse amplitude modulation is also used to improve energy efficiency. Another energy-saving feature is the Econo Cool Mode that changes the direction of airflow in the room. This allows the user to set the temperature higher than required without feeling any kind of discomfort. 



 A guide in buying aircons is to check their features and benefits. Since the Mitsubishi System 3 aircon has great offers, many opt to install it. This aircon model provides fresher air, maximum comfort, and convenience. Additionally, the user could easily clean this aircon, and it operates silently to reduce any disturbance in your sleep at night. To top it all off, the Mitsubishi Starmex aircon system 3 is energy saving which is why this is one of the best-selling inverter aircon brand and model.

If you require professional assistance in installing your Mitsubishi Starmex System 3 Aircon, it is recommended that you engage professional aircon services such as DW Aircon Servicing Singapore. Our professionals can help install and maintain your unit since it is also important to regularly service your air conditioners.


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