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8 Ways to Maintain Panasonic Aircon  

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Panasonic aircon is one of the top 3 selling aircon brands in Singapore and is considered to be reliable and dependable. For a longer lifespan and optimum energy efficiency from your aircon, regular maintenance of your Panasonic air conditioners make it a worthwhile investment. Most people are able to conduct their own normal aircon servicing, but for more thorough cleaning of all the important aircon parts, you would need the right equipment and knowledge of how an aircon works.  If you prefer to have the convenience of hiring an aircon servicing company to do it without the hassle, please feel free to contact DW Aircon Servicing Singapore! 


Here are the best ways to maintain your Panasonic air conditioner: 


Regular cleaning of your system  

Your aircon system can accumulate debris, dust, or particulate matter over time. Regular aircon cleaning can unblock airways and continue the proper functioning of your Panasonic air conditioner system. Regularly remove the debris around the coils for efficient air circulation.  









Replace defective parts with new ones  

Old and defective air conditioner parts may hinder the functioning of the system. These either require repair or a replacement which you can also seek from aircon servicing companiesWe ensure that you get quality replacement appliances that will work effectively on your system.  


Inspection of your thermostat  

The thermostat in an aircon regulates and sets the temperature. If it is not working correctly, your system will be unable to maintain an optimum temperature. You can suspect a faulty thermostat if your system is unable to warm or cool your room consistently.  


Ensure your fan coils are always clean  

The fan coils are easily accessible after removing the front panel of the aircon. It affects the temperature and speed of the fan of your Panasonic air conditioner. You can regularly clean it by dusting it or using a brush. If you let dust accumulate for long, it will prevent the airflow in the air conditioning vents, leading to it not blowing cold air. 







Proper maintenance of the air filter 

It is important for aircon filters to be clean. The air vent regulates airflow within the aircon to help cool the room efficiently and also assists in filtering debris. When not regularly maintained, the aircon system will start showing signs it needs aircon servicing 


Keep the coils clean  

Panasonic air conditioner has evaporator coils for the coolant to pass through so that the warm air passing through the vents are cooled and then blown back into the room by the fan motor. When the evaporator and condenser coils are dirty, the effectiveness of the system is significantly reduced. Evaporator coils should be regularly checked and cleaned when need be.  










Drain unclogging  

Condensate water from the aircon is drained out through its drain pipe. This sometimes can be blocked due to an accumulation of dirt and debris from not having it regularly maintained. It could also be due to your Panasonic aircon being installed incorrectly as it needs to be at a downward angle to release the water quickly.  









Schedule Your Next Panasonic Aircon Maintenance 

Enjoying a cool comfortable environment because of a powerful aircon is almost a necessity in summery Singapore. There is a reason why aircon servicing is recommended quarterly because regular maintenance will ensure a longer lifespan and optimal performance for your Panasonic aircon. Schedule your next Panasonic aircon maintenance with us! 

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