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Aircon Chemical Overhaul Aircon Servicing

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Most households have an aircon installed in their home in Singapore. This is because of the tropical climate experienced at this part of the earth. If the aircon stops performing, then you will face a lot of problems. Thus, it is better to take preventive care before the aircon stops performing completely.

Getting an aircon chemical overhaul after a regular interval is a good thing for your aircon unit and it may last for a longer period. Read on to know more about aircon chemical overhaul.


What is chemical overhaul?


The thorough process of cleaning and reconditioning the air conditioner is known as an aircon chemical overhaul. When the aircon unit has not been cleaned for a long time, consider scheduling a chemical overhaul for your aircon unit. First, your aircon parts will be dismantled fully. Then, they will be cleaned and conditioned so that they will perform more efficiently – one of the reasons why you should get an aircon chemical overhaul. It is possible to restore the performance of the air conditioner effectively after the treatment. It is also a useful way for cleaning the aircon parts in which normal aircon servicing has no effect.


How is a chemical overhaul done?

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The chemical overhaul process is very sensitive and may be harmful if one is not acquainted with the process. Do engage an aircon servicing services if you wish to do an aircon chemical overhaul.

An aircon chemical overhaul process includes the following:

  1. First, the aircon unit is dismantled from the wall so that each part of the machine gets proper cleaning.
  2. Then different chemicals are used for cleaning the filter of the air conditioner. After this, the air conditioner again starts expelling fresh air that prevents any kind of allergies or breathing problem.
  3. The next step after chemical cleaning is lubricating the fan bearings so that the unit keeps on performing without making any noises.
  4. In case of water leakage, you need to carry on the process of chemical cleaning on the drainage system that will remove the dust and debris from the ducts and thus stop leakage.
  5. Even the fan evaporator coil is also cleaned chemically for removing any accumulated dust from the part. It makes heat transfer within the unit proper.

Different types of alkaline and acid-based chemicals are used for an aircon chemical overhaul that ensures that the air conditioner is totally clean. It makes it possible for the air conditioner to perform at its best. It is recommended to engage aircon servicing professionals to conduct an aircon chemical overhaul. One of the benefits of hiring an aircon servicing company is that they have the experience and skills to perform the procedure.


What are the benefits of doing an aircon chemical overhaul?


Inspection of all aircon parts: All aircon parts will be checked to see if they are defective. If they are defective, they will be either repaired or replaced by the technician. It is often challenging to identify if there are any aircon issues without undergoing an aircon chemical overhaul.

Prevent corrosion: An aircon chemical overhaul is done to reduce any damage that can be caused by corrosion. By undergoing a chemical overhaul, it helps to prevent any aircon problems such as fan coil corrosion.

Make the aircon look and feel brand new: Through an aircon chemical overhaul, all aircon parts are dismantled fully, checked, and cleaned thoroughly. All of the dirt and dust that have been accumulated over time will be removed – improving the aircon’s performance.

Check the refrigerant: During an aircon chemical overhaul, the refrigerant will be checked to ensure that there will be enough of it.

Prevent any damage to your air conditioner: As an aircon chemical overhaul will also clean all of the aircon’s drainage system, it can help to prevent aircon issues such as aircon leakage which in the long run can damage your air conditioner.


What are the signs that an aircon unit needs a chemical overhaul?

If you have been using your air conditioner for a long time, then you must be acquainted with certain things about your aircon and if there are any abnormal changes all this time. Thus, there are certain signs that an aircon chemical overhaul is required:

  • You notice that your aircon is cooling the air very slowly. Even when the unit is running for long at its full potential, it is unable to cool the room. It shows that there must be some issues with the aircon unit, and it needs a check-up.
  • Poor flow of air within the room is another reason to engage aircon chemical overhauling services. There is a poor flow of air because the compressor stops performing. Factors such as any blockage in the vents or the ducts may be full of debris can lead to the compressor to stop performing.
  • Water leakage is another sign that points out that your system needs chemical cleaning. There are many reasons for which the water leaks from your system – for example, due to the accumulation of dust in the system. It is best to get the system cleaned chemically – to help it to perform again at its best.
  • If your unit is giving out a foul smell, then also you need to be careful and ensure that you get it cleaned chemically.

Most people ask what the ideal frequency of doing an aircon chemical overhaul is. Normally it is suggested that one should take an aircon chemical overhaul service in Singapore once a year – to keep the air-conditioning unit performing at its best. Do engage an aircon servicing professional to carry out the aircon chemical overhaul process.


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