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Aircon Chemical Wash VS Aircon Chemical Overhaul

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Like other home appliances, the performance of a residential or commercial aircon depends on how well it is maintained. If dust, dirt, or bacteria accumulate in its inner components, its efficiency could greatly decrease. It could also cause a sudden rise in your electricity bills as well as issues like aircon water leaks. To avoid these, most experts recommend having aircon chemical cleaning performed regularly. Normally, this consists of either an aircon chemical wash or an aircon chemical overhaul. In this article, we explore the differences between these two aircon services.


Aircon Chemical Wash


If you find that your aircon is not cold or emitting a foul smell, these are signs that your aircon needs to be chemically washed. An aircon chemical wash normally involves the use of special chemical solutions for cleaning an aircon’s internal components. Though these solutions can be purchased by non-professionals, it is better that they be applied by an aircon servicing company so that your aircon components do not sustain any damage. Most experts recommend that this service be conducted at least twice a year.

Part of the aircon chemical wash procedure requires the technicians to use special cleaning solutions to remove any buildup of dust, dirt, and bacteria. Components that are often cleaned include the aircon filters, coils, and drainpipes – components that require periodic care. Besides removing contaminants, the chemical solutions are also meant to prevent corrosion so that your aircon’s parts can last longer and do not become damaged easily.


Aircon Chemical Overhaul


In case of severe aircon problems like an aircon water leak, it is more advisable to opt for a chemical overhaul. Firstly, your aircon unit will be dismantled fully. Besides the use of special chemical solutions for cleaning, this service also entails checking the different parts of the aircon unit for any signs of damage. In fact, any component which is found to be defective in either repaired or replaced – one of the benefits of undergoing an aircon chemical overhaul.  Once all necessary parts have been fixed or changed, the entire aircon installation is reassembled and tested.

When compared to an aircon chemical wash, an aircon chemical overhaul tends to be more expensive. In addition, it takes much more time and effort to complete. Nevertheless, it is the more recommended option since it ensures that any defective components are serviced.



Depending on the severity of your aircon condition, you can either opt for a chemical wash or a chemical overhaul to be done for your aircon units. If you are facing aircon issues such as aircon leaking water or aircon is noisy, it is recommended to undergo an aircon chemical overhaul as your aircon will be dismantled fully and cleaned thoroughly. Furthermore, various aircon parts will be checked to see if they need replacement or repairs. Do hire an aircon servicing company as they have the experience and skills to conduct the aircon chemical overhaul safely and properly – one of the benefits of engaging an aircon servicing company.

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