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Aircon Installation Guide Singapore

Aircon Installation Guide Singapore


Now that you’re reading this, you’ve already probably decided on the brand and model of aircon you’re going to get… But the research doesn’t end there!

There are still several things to take note of when getting an aircon installation done. Let’s guide you through the important factors to consider before you delve right into your aircon installation.

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What to Look Out for When Getting an Aircon Installation Done

  • Electrical loading
    • HDB blocks completed before 1 January 1994 are required to apply for an HDB permit before installing new 15-amp power points or 20-amp isolator for air conditioners. Unlike newly completed flats and flats that had undergone the Main Upgrading Programme (MUP)/Home Improvement Programme (HIP), old HDB flats in Singapore do not have a high electrical loading. Make sure that your aircon’s running current doesn’t exceed the limit of your flat! Visit the HDB website to find out more.


  • Warranty
    • Getting an extended warranty for your air conditioner is a must, especially if you plan to use it every day. What’s a small price to pay for an extended warranty when you can save more money by avoiding repair costs in the long run?
  • Maintenance and Servicing
  • Quality work and quotation
    • Aside from certain technicalities such as the type of aircon to buy, it is also important to work with a recommended aircon installer in Singapore that has a range of previous projects. Aircon installation prices vary across companies and brands. However, make it your top priority to get a trusted aircon installer to ensure that quality work is done during the installation.

Aircon Installation Materials

If you want a longer lifespan for your new air conditioner, work with a recommended aircon installer that uses the best materials. By using top quality aircon installation materials, you’ll be free from common worries such as improper insulation and leaks that can lead to expensive aircon repairs. Before getting an aircon installation done, check if your installer is using the best quality for these materials:


  • PVC Draining Pipes (Standard: 13mm Diameter / Upgradable to: 16mm Diameter)
    • These pipes work to drain out the condensation of water and are linked to the air conditioning fan coil. The standard size for these drainage pipes are usually 13mm in diameter, but a 16mm pipe allows better flow of water from the fan coil.


  • Copper Pipes (Standard: Gauge 23 / Upgradable to Gauge 22)
    • Copper pipes connect the fan coil to the compressor and transfer the refrigerant gas through the two units to and fro. Opt for the thicker Gauge 22 instead of the standard Gauge 23. A thicker copper pipe can withstand a higher operating pressure, which prevents any future leakages.


  • Armaflex Insulations (Standard: 3/8″ Insulation / Upgradable to: 1/2″ Insulation)
    • Insulated rubber foams are used to absorb water droplets forming on copper pipes during condensation. Look out for the 2 types of insulation – Class 1 and Class 0 – that have passed the Fire Propagation Test Standards for insulation. A ½ insulation means that the material is thicker, which allows for better insulation, slower condensation rate, and prevention of any leakages.


  • Wire Cables (Standard: 3 Core 40 Wires / Upgradable to: 3 Core 70 Wires)
    • Wire cables supply electric current to both the outdoor and indoor aircon units, also called the CDU and FCU as seen from our aircon buying guide. Take note that it is essential to get thicker ones that can withstand higher electrical ampere. With this, aircon installers recommend 3 Core 70 Wires.


  • Brackets (Standard: Steel / Upgradable to: Stainless steel bracket of Grade 303)
    • Most aircon suppliers commonly use steel brackets for installation. However, opt for high-quality stainless steel brackets of Grade 303.


  • Compressors (Look for: 4 or 5 NEA Ticks)
    • Want to lower your energy consumption? Look for compressor units with at least 4 or 5 ticks in order to ensure better energy efficiency.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Getting an Aircon Installation Done

  • Choosing the Wrong Aircon Size
    • As mentioned earlier, it is essential to take note of the size of your room. Such measurements are important when choosing the specific type of air conditioner suitable for your area. This also influences other factors such as the aircon insulation and air circulation in your room.
  • Not Securely Installing the Aircon Unit
    • Another common mistake is not ensuring that the AC unit is properly secured during the aircon installation. Both wall and window air conditioners should have the necessary support underneath and on its sides.


  • Improper Insulation
    • When installed, window air conditioners usually require insulation foams to be filled to cover the open spaces beside it. As for ductless mini-split air conditioners, adequately sized ducts should be installed depending on the load circulation.
  • Wrong Positioning of the Aircon Unit
    • When getting an aircon installation done, remember to position your AC unit in a shaded spot. By doing so, the air conditioning unit will not have to work as hard to cool the room.


  • Not checking for Leakages
    • Despite having a new aircon installation done, it is still important to check any refrigerant leaks. 10% loss of refrigerant levels can already lead to an increase in electricity bills by 20%.

In order to these common mistakes during aircon installations, make sure that you engage with a trusted and highly recommended aircon installer in Singapore.

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