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Aircon Servicing During Circuit Breaker Period and Covid-19 Updates

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UPDATED (29 March 2022) – DW Aircon Servicing Singapore has been approved by Ministry of Trade & Industry (MTI) via GoBusiness to continue with our aircon servicing.
























Source: CNA

All of our technicians have been briefed and educated on the healthy and safe practices to follow during this COVID-19 pandemic. We are conducting safe and sanitary practices for the benefit of our customers and essential workers: 

      • Our aircon technicians have adequate access to face masks, uniforms and other anti-bacterial cleaning supplies and sanitising products.
      • Social distancing will be practised outside and inside of customer’s homes.
      • Temperature readings are taken twice daily and closely monitored by our team.
      • Our equipment is always properly sanitised after every job.


UPDATED (01 June 2020) – Following the rules of the COVID-19 Circuit Breaker measures in place, we will still only be able to conduct aircon emergency services until 1 June:

        • Aircon Leaking
        • Aircon Not Cold
        • Aircon Breakdown

From 2 June onwards, our country will be entering Phase 1 of the “Safe Re-opening” measures after Circuit Breaker

We currently operating our Aircon Services as usual during this Covid-19 period. All technicians will adhere to safety measures and protocols. Please Whatsapp at +65 8241 0032 us for assistance. Thank you.


Doing Our Part With Safety Measures


All of our technicians have been briefed and educated on the healthy and safe practices to follow during this COVID-19 pandemic. We are conducting safe and sanitary practices for the benefit of our customers and essential workers: 

      • Our aircon technicians have adequate access to face masks, uniforms and other anti-bacterial cleaning supplies and sanitising products.
      • Social distancing will be practised outside and inside of customer’s homes.
      • Temperature readings are taken twice daily and closely monitored by our team.
      • Our equipment is always properly sanitised after every job.

We seek your kind co-operation to help us keep Singapore safe too and reduce risks of transmission:

Please delay and reschedule the aircon services required if you and your household members have:

  • recently travelled and returned from overseas, and are on Stay Home Notice (SHN)
  • been exposed to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and are currently in quarantine (self-imposed or mandated)
  • are immuno-compromised, showing any flu-like symptoms or feel unwell.


Aircon Emergency Services (Circuit Breaker)

Please contact us if you are facing these aircon repair symptoms. Aircon repair works are limited to aircon repair servicesaircon chemical overhaul services and aircon installations only when it needs to be replaced because of complete breakdown. Normal aircon servicing is not allowed, which is why in the meantime, you can do it yourself.


Aircon Non-Emergency Services (Circuit Breaker)

If you are wondering if you can still make an appointment for non-emergency aircon services during the Circuit Breaker period, you can still do so. Please note that you may expect fewer available timeslots as well as delayed responses due to the high volume of customers. Our hotline is open daily from 9AM – 9PM, and you can Whatsapp us for immediate assistance.

It might be best to schedule ahead, as we predict that many customers will need aircon servicing or aircon gas top-ups to be done when the Circuit Breaker is lifted on 1 June. To avoid disappointment with not getting an earlier time slot, please book ahead in advance.





How To Deal With Your Aircon During Circuit Breaker?

As there are strict guidelines what essential businesses like airconcompanies can do during Circuit Breaker, here are some things you can do when facing with aircon problems in your home:





Aircon Leaking

There are quite a few reasons why your aircon may be leaking so here’s how to troubleshoot and fix it. This aircon symptom is a valid reason to contact us to carry out the aircon repair during Circuit Breaker.

  1. Frozen Evaporator Coils

Open the front panel of your aircon and see if there is a layer of ice on your evaporator coils. When this problem continues without be rectified it can lead to further damage to the aircon compressor. Frozen coils are attributed to occur when there is a refrigerant leak or there is a reduction of airflow on the coils which might subsequently lead to the clogged air filter.

How to fix: There can be many attributions to why your evaporator coils might have been frozen, and the best way to determine the cause would be to call an aircon servicing company to check it out. If you would still like to know how to determine it yourself, you can read on Ways to Check Why Your Aircon Is Leaking Water.

2. Damaged drain pan

The drain pan helps to collect any condensate but when this overflows, could cause your aircon to leak water as well. Corrosion might also cause the aircon water tray to have openings that will cause the condensate to leak from where it’s being held. The pan is made of iron which makes it susceptible to rust because of a combination of water and oxygen.

How to fix: The drainage tray is not easily accessible due the fact it is closely located near the aircon drain pipe, which is not something you can access easily either. As such call an aircon servicing company to help you check it out.

3. Clogged drain line

Clogged drain lines are some of the common reasons why the air conditioner starts leaking. This is the pipe that receives the condensate from the drain pan and sends the excess outside. The drain pipe can be clogged with dirt due to the lack of proper aircon cleaning, and thus cause a backflow of the water collected in the drainage tray. This is commonly diagnosed if the aircon leak seems to start at the back of your aircon.

How to fix: There should be an aircon drainage pipe connected to your bathroom. You can try sucking out the clog from the tail-end of the pipe with a strong vacuum if you have it. However, if the clog is nearer to the aircon unit than the pipe, then this would be tough to eradicate, and you can contact us to see how we can help.

4. Dirty air filters

Most people neglect their air filters until something goes wrong with their aircon, but as a matter of fact, they greatly contribute to dripping and water leakages in the air conditioner. A dirty air filter blocks the airflow in the evaporator coil which causes it to freeze. Therefore, when it melts, the water leaks out of the aircon. When your aircon starts showing signs that it needs to undergo an aircon servicing, do it before it leads to further problems with your aircon.

How to fix: Remove the air filters, give it a good wash in your bathroom and hang out to air-dry. When it is completely dry, install it back in the aircon unit. If the aircon leak problem persists, WhatsApp us to further advise you on how to proceed.

5. Low Levels of Refrigerant

Refrigerant coolants help to cool the warm air and billow it out for your comfort. If there is not enough gas, then the aircon will not blow cold air, and the air might fail to condense on the evaporator coil, leading to your aircon leaking water. You might also hear some bubbling noise or hissing sound which indicates that there is a likelihood that the aircon coolant is leaking gas and you need an aircon repair immediately.

How to fix: You will simply need an aircon gas top up, which we cannot be allowed to do during the Circuit Breaker. But if you suspect that the aircon leaking water may be leaking refrigerant instead, you need to contact us quickly, as it is harmful to you and the environment.


If the condition is serious enough, it might require an aircon chemical overhaul service. To seek advice about your aircon’s condition during the Circuit Breaker period, please feel free to chat with our friendly aircon customer service who can tell you more on what you might need done!





Aircon Not Cold

There are a few reasons why your aircon is not blowing cold air, but what can you do when you find out the cause? Follow these steps to do a cursory check on the aircon parts. To read more in detail: https://dwaircon.com/what-to-do-when-aircon-is-not-blowing-cold-air/

    1. Check if the aircon filters are clogged. If they are, wash and dry them.
    2. Check if the evaporator coils are iced up. There are underlying issues which will cause this symptom to continue. Call us to see how we can help you.
    3. Check the capacitor. This would require some disassembly to reach this aircon part. If there are no visible signs of damage on the capacitor, it does need to be checked by a professional with aircon repair tools.
    4. Check the thermostat. Although, aircon professionals may need to be employed to investigate and fix such an issue, it’s possible to visually inspect certain components to check for damage.The bulb detects air temperature in the room, and controls the functioning of the aircon compressor. Check the bulb for bends, ruptures and other damage as well as that it is placed correctly in the airflow through the evaporating coils. If any damage is apparent, the component may need to be replaced.
    5. Check the thermistor. If all else fails and your aircon is an electronic control model, check the thermistor, located in the airflow though the evaporator coils. If the component shows signs of damage or corrosion, a thermistor replacement is in order.
    6. Check the fan and motor. If the fan runs too slow, this may result in the icing over of evaporator coils. In order to check these components, it may be necessary to disassemble the aircon. Check the fan blades and motor for damage or seizure. If this occurs, it might be necessary for a fan motor replacement. Is the aircon still not cooling, with no visible damage or seizure to either component? WhatsApp us for some professional advice.

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DIY Aircon Servicing

We have a great guide on how you can carry out your own aircon servicing to keep it running at the most optimal condition for your WFH activities.

Read more on how you can do your own DIY Aircon Servicing: https://dwaircon.com/how-to-do-your-own-normal-aircon-servicing/


Important Updates on COVID-19 Circuit Breaker Measures

When Circuit Breaker was introduced in the vernacular on 3 April, many businesses were effectively immediately told to shut down operations within a few days’ notice. In light of that, it was declared that only essential services were allowed to continue operating, and that includes aircon servicing companies.























Singapore COVID-19 ‘Circuit Breaker’ measures were announced to initially last from 7 April to 4 May. Since 21 April, it was announced that it will extend to 1 June. Subsequently, DW Aircon Servicing Singapore remains grateful that we are allowed to operate in limited capacity, within the guidelines of government authorities; to be able to continue providing aircon services to our clients who are discovering issues with their aircon due to more frequent usage because of Work From Home (WFH) rules imposed. This remains accurate information as of 5 May 2020. 


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