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Benefits of a Central Air Conditioning System for Commercial Offices

office central air conditioner dw aircon servicing singapore
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Most office premises nowadays have a central air conditioning system instead of the usual window air conditioner. One major reason behind this is that commercial areas like offices tend to be bigger than residential buildings. Hence, circulation and distribution of cool air around the room are made a top priority for everyone’s comfort. In this case, a central air conditioning system will do a much better job than window air conditioners.

Here are more benefits of a central air conditioner that you should know about:

office central air conditioner dw aircon servicing singapore

Controls Humidity

In a warm country like Singapore, we’re often met with very humid days that make doing daily work tasks extremely uncomfortable. Hence, a central air conditioning system becomes a necessity that undoubtedly affects one’s productivity.

The central air conditioning unit keeps the humidity level inside a room in an optimal range, making it neither too warm or too cold for employees. With this feature, the growth of bacteria and germs that are common in places with high humidity can be avoided. As low humidity is also avoided, people are less prone to having dry skin.

Easy To Operate

The most efficient central air conditioning system should be able to be operated easily. A central air conditioner can usually be controlled by a console, which is eventually programmed for running at a particular time and maintaining a specific temperature whether it is located in one zone or multiple zones.

central air conditioning system dw aircon servicing singapore

The central air conditioning system can also be operated in a reversed cycle. In this case, it will not only help to cool the air of the interior but as a necessity, it will be used as a heat pump that will heat up the room during cooler days. Both these operations can be done with the help of one unit only.

Healthy Ambience

Installing a central air conditioning system in an office is also considered beneficial for health. With fewer bacteria, germs, dust, fumes, and odors released from the unit, you’ll be sure to be protected from common infections. The temperature of the room is also kept constant all throughout, which makes the area more comfortable to work in.

Summary of The Benefits of a Central Air Conditioning System:

  • For the circulation of air throughout a big room, a central air conditioning unit will definitely work better than window air conditioners.

office central air conditioning system dw aircon servicing singapore

  • A central air conditioning system has better filters than a window aircon. As such, expect a cleaner air quality that is free from microscopic pollutants that usually gets trapped in the filter. It can also trap fumes, particulates, or any other objects polluting the air. Hence, the air provided by these air conditioners will make the room perfect for those people who have respiratory problems.
  • A central air conditioning unit also operates more quietly compared to the usual outdoor condenser and indoor fan unit of a multi-split system. In a central air conditioning system, both the condenser and fan units are placed outdoors, making noise almost undetectable.
  • You can save extra space in the office as a central air conditioning system is usually installed on the ceiling. This is why it can also be used to enhance the interiors of a commercial area.

office central air conditioning unit dw aircon servicing singapore

  • Lastly, as mentioned earlier, this kind of air condition unit does not release any kind of odor or fumes, giving a fresher atmosphere.

While central air conditioner prices are a bit more expensive than usual residential air conditioners, they tend to have more benefits. This is especially important when it’s installed in a commercial area like an office, making every cent spent on it worth it.

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