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Benefits of an Aircon Chemical Overhaul

(Last Updated On: July 5, 2018)

Most people use air conditioners in order to enjoy a more conducive and comfortable environment. With this, aircon maintenance is needed for units to work properly. The chemical maintenance process takes place when all parts of the air conditioner are cleaned using a chemical solution. In Singapore, we have the trusted DW aircon that offers a range of air conditioner services like chemical cleaning, repair, maintenance, and installation conducted by professional and experienced technicians.



The warm climate in Singapore often leads residents to use air conditioners to cool their homes and offices. However, usage of air conditioners for long periods of time without servicing can cause problems like water leakage, noise, blowing of warm air from the unit, sudden inability to produce cold air or even complete malfunction. Some of these aircon problems cause the unit to use up a lot of power, hence a chemical overhaul is required to prevent such complications.


The following are the benefits of a chemical overhaul to an air conditioner:

  1. Check all of the parts that are on the inside of the air conditioner

This kind of chemical inspection is done to check if there is any problem with the air conditioner system. It is often difficult to identify a problem in the air conditioner without a chemical overhaul of the system. A perfect air conditioner requires few parts in order to function together. Hence, inspection of each component is necessary to identify and fix any aircon problems.

  1. Prevent corrosion

Many people in Singapore overhaul their conditioners in order to reduce any damage that can be caused by corrosion. This is because chemical overhaul helps in the prevention of fan oil corrosion and eventually any other aircon problems in the future.

  1. To make everything in the air conditioner look new

This method helps to clean and inspect all the components in the air conditioner. This simply means that all the dust and dirt that could have accumulated will be removed and lead to better aircon performance.


  1. Check the refrigerant

A good process of chemical inspection is when the refrigerant has also been checked and ensured that there is enough of it. An effective service of chemical air conditioning should be able to maintain proper air conditioning function.

  1. Prevent damage to your air conditioner

This is another good treatment that helps to prevent any air conditioner problems. It is said that through chemical maintenance, chemical leaks and stench can be prevented. This is an effective process that cleans all the drainage systems in the air conditioner as in most cases, water leakage is caused by damage or blockage of the drainage system.

Above are the benefits of using air conditioning chemicals in order to ensure that the air conditioner is properly working and this process should be done at least on a monthly basis.



Chemical wash for the air conditioner requires a thorough process as the entire air conditioner is washed by the use of special chemicals then rinsed with chemical solvents to remove all impurities. It is important to work with the best contractors in Singapore, like DW aircon, in order to ensure the best performance of your aircon units. DW aircon servicing company offers a range of aircon services done by professional and efficient technicians. For normal servicing with us, air conditioners with one to five fan coils cost between $40 and $105. Our aircon technicians conduct a thorough check and cleaning of the front panel and air filter. They then conduct a check and cleaning on the drainage tray and evaporator coil, after which they discharge pressure and check if the compressor is functioning properly. Additionally, they also check, deodorize, and purify the filter.

Chemical wash for air conditioners with one to six fan coils cost between $85 and $390. This service includes checking and cleaning the drainage tray, evaporator coil, the front panel and air filter, checking the compressor suction, tightening electrical contacts and to vacuum the drainage system.

DW aircon servicing company is currently offering a servicing contract to Singapore customers.


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