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Can I Solve Noisy Aircon Problems Myself?

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An aircon can provide comfort during extremely hot days, especially in Singapore. No matter the time, it will always be able to help you relax and cool down from the heat. That saidit can become a great inconvenience if the noise distracts you from being able to watch your favorite shows or have a good night’s sleep. In that case, it may be a sign to get an aircon repairBut before hiring the services of a professional aircon servicing company, there are some steps you can take to reduce the aircon noise problems you may be facing. 

Common Reasons For Aircon Noises 

Dirt and Debris on The Fan Coil 


In order to fix a noisy aircon, we must first identify the cause. One common cause is dirt and debris accumulating on the fan coilThis can usually take place if your aircon has gone for months or years without regular aircon servicingAs a result, it can become less efficient since airflow is blocked 

Debris on the External Compressor Unit 

Another common cause of unusual aircon noise is debris building up on the external compressor unit. The external compressor unit performs many functions such as transferring air into the condenser coil, eliminating humidity, removing heat, and liquefying the refrigerant. When it becomes dirty and collects debris, airflow can get blocked which in turn causes a faint hissing sound to be produced. If this issue is not addressed immediately, the debris can loosen the components in the external compressor unit which can lead to a much louder banging or cracking noise.  


How to Reduce Aircon Noise

Clean the Fan Coil 

A dirty fan coil can be cleaned relatively easily and can also cause any aircon noise to be reduced. However, avoid using strong chemical substances as it can damage it. Instead, use a damp cloth to rid the fan coil of dirt and dust. After wiping the fan coil, ensure that it is dry before putting it back into the aircon. Try following some tips on aircon cleaning to simplify the process. 

Check the External Compressor Unit 


Another thing you can do to reduce the aircon noise problem you may be facing is to check the external compressor unit. Be sure to remove any visible pieces of debris to improve airflow and eliminate the aircon noise. However, it is not recommended to open the external compressor unit yourself as it has many delicate aircon parts and mishandling them might cause significant damage to your unit.



These are only some of the ways you can reduce the aircon noise problems on your own. If the aircon noise persists after having done these simple steps, you should engage an aircon servicing company to diagnose the problem with your unitThis can provide you with much convenience since they have the more technical expertise and have the appropriate aircon repair tools to solve any aircon noise problems. 

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