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Choosing Which Mitsubishi Aircon Starmex Series Model To Install 

(Last Updated On: April 20, 2020)

GNSERIES (5-Ticks)  

The Mitsubishi aircon model of the GN inverter series wasintroduced last year in place of the GE series being phased out due to many common aircon issues that dogged it. The GE series was rated as NEA 2 ticks, which means it only has a ‘Fair’ performance on the energy-efficiency rating. In comparison, the GN series rates NEA 5-Ticks which is an excellent rating on the energy-saving scale. 

 While the GE series was well-liked for its easy cleaning feature, this was even more improved with the GN series. The whole front panel of the aircon can be taken off to be washed.  


FJ SERIES(5-Ticks) 

These Mitsubishi aircon FJ series were the first 5-tick models manufactured for multi-split systems by Mitsubishi Electric. Regardless of the capacity, all models had to be the same size. They have a length of about 923 mm. As a result, many of the customers went back to the GE series. These models had one louvre, and there were complaints that these models took longer to cool than the GE series, although they all had the same capacity. This unit has Catechin air plus air purification system, which has both antioxidants and antiviral properties. You can easily remove the filter, and when washing it, there is a deodorizing experience that should last for more than ten years. This latest technology from Mitsubishi Electric has produced a very quiet aircon, which releases only 19dB of sound. However, the FJ series did not get popular and are not available in the market, which led to a release of the latest FN variant.  

FN SERIES(5-Ticks) 

This latest Starmexaircon is designed not only for smartinstallations in small rooms but also with amazing energy-saving features foroptimal conditioning in each room. These series have a broader and longerairflow since you can control the left-right vane automatically using a remotecontroller. It has a high power mode, which has been designed to push air outfurther, thus providing a longer airflow that can reach to the far end of bigrooms. The extended mode feature extends airflow as far as 12m. 

All Mitsubishi aircon installation is designed to be easy, but it is still necessary to look out for these things when getting an aircon installation done and to keep up regular aircon servicing with these 5 tips to care for your new Mitsubishi aircon! 

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