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Common Mistakes People Make During DIY Aircon Servicing

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Many people think that an air conditioner does not need any form of special care. In truth, it actually needs to undergo proper and regular servicing so that it can function properly and last a long time. Moreover, aircon servicing ensures that it does not experience any major issues like an aircon water leak.  

Although contacting a professional aircon servicing company is highly recommended, some people prefer to service their installed aircon themselves. Oftentimes, this is to save money as well as time. Take note however that DIY aircon servicing requires a tremendous amount of knowledge and expertise. Without these, mistakes could be made which could result in permanent damage to your residential or commercial aircon. Examples of some mistakes made during DIY aircon servicing include the following:


Not Turning Off Their Aircon Before Cleaning


Many people tend to make this mistake due to the false notion that a running aircon will not suffer any damage while being cleaned. As a matter of fact, almost all manuals for both residential and office aircon state that the unit needs to be disconnected from its power source before cleaning. Otherwise, vital aircon parts could suffer heavy damage. You could experience electrocution as well if you accidentally make contact with components that are active with electricity. Furthermore, even tiny amounts of water can cause an aircon to malfunction or break down entirely if splashed while the unit is still on. 

By disabling your aircon before cleaning, you can ensure that no aircon emergencies take place. Besides that, you will be able to disassemble your unit completely so that you can thoroughly clean its various components. In case you experience difficulty disabling your aircon however, engage an air conditioning service for assistance. 


Ignoring Cleaning Guidelines

Before you start cleaning your residential or commercial aircon, it is vital that you first read the cleaning guidelines provided in their manual. Some people disregard these simply because they find it confusing or a waste of time. However, reading the cleaning guidelines will ensure that your unit is properly cleaned and that no damage of any kind occurs. Not only that, but they can also help you in disassembling your unit and determining which parts need to be replaced entirely. In case you have trouble understanding these guidelines however, seek assistance from an aircon maintenance company.


Failing To Use The Right Chemical Solutions

There are various types of aircon chemical solutions available for purchase in the market. That said, not all of them may be suitable for your installed aircon since they each contain different types of chemicals. Many aircon owners make the mistake of using whatever chemical solution they can buy and end up damaging their unit as a result. In order to determine whether or not a specific solution is suitable for your unit, inspect it closely to see which aircon can it be used on. Try to also see if its contents are sufficient enough to eliminate any contaminants present in your unit. Should you face any difficulty with this process, contact a professional aircon servicing company for assistance. 

Not Using The Correct Refrigerant

Like chemical cleaning solutions, the proper refrigerant needs to be used on your aircon so it can properly blow out cold air. In Singapore, R22 and R410 gas are the ones most commonly used. In case you are planning to use other refrigerant types, however, see to it that they are non-flammable and non-toxic and that they can easily be detected in case of an aircon gas leak. It is also best that you use a refrigerant that is recyclable to spare you the need of having to buy a new refrigerant from time to time. 


Using Cheap Replacement Parts

High-end aircon replacement parts can be quite expensive. However, this does not mean you should buy substandard parts simply because they are cheap, a mistake made by all too many aircon owners. Remember that the components used by your unit need to be durable enough so that it can perform properly. If you decide to purchase ones that are of low-quality material, damage could take place in some parts of the unit which could cause numerous aircon issues

In case you experience confusion when deciding which replacement parts you should buy for your aircon, seek assistance from a professional aircon servicing technician.


Improperly Recharging Their Aircon


Past air conditioner models generally needed to be filled with refrigerant in high quantities in case they experienced an aircon leak. In fact, many of them required as much as three to five pounds so they could properly function once more. In contrast, most modern aircon such as Panasonic aircon simply need a minor aircon gas top up if a gas leak occurs. However, many aircon owners fail to conduct the aircon gas top process correctly when servicing their aircon thereby damaging it in the process. Take note that too little or too much gas can decrease a unit’s performance and affect some of its parts.


Failing To Check For System Leaks


When an aircon is improperly installed or maintained, it can develop some leaks. Many aircon owners however fail to detect these leaks before servicing their aircon thereby causing them to worsen. Not only that, but their power bills often end up rising rapidly as well. 

In order to detect leaks from your installed aircon, you can make use of an electronic leak detector. If you are unsure how to use this however, call an aircon servicing technician to help you instead.


Improperly Flushing Their Aircon

When servicing your aircon, do not make the mistake of not properly flushing it. Keep in mind that thorough flushing is needed in order to eliminate any trapped debris. Otherwise, vital parts of the unit may end up failing and the flow of refrigerant gas could be impeded as well. If you have doubts about flushing your aircon installation yourself, do not hesitate to ask an air conditioning service for help.



You should be aware of the common mistakes that can occur during DIY aircon servicing in order to prevent serious complications. For instance, you should never forget to turn off your inverter or non-inverter aircon before cleaning it so as to prevent it from malfunctioning or becoming damaged. Also, remember to follow the aircon cleaning guidelines provided so that the unit is properly cleaned. Besides that, be sure to fill your aircon with enough refrigerant and detect any aircon leaks that might be present. Lastly, you should not forget to flush the unit so that all forms of dirt and debris are eliminated. 

If you lack the time or expertise to service your aircon on your own, simply call DW Aircon Servicing Singapore. We can help you maintain your aircon so that it serves you well for the long term.


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