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Daikin Aircon vs Panasonic Aircon – Which One To Install?

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Homeowners in Singapore prefer to install at least one air conditioner on their property, more so during summertime when temperatures are higher. However, an aircon is more expensive compared to other appliances and will also consume more electricity. since it is a fairly big investment, buyers will usually do some research before choosing a suitable aircon for their home. They will usually check with different aircon brands in Singapore like Daikin and Panasonic. It is arguable that in terms of features, both are excellent. Thus, it is imperative that they should be compared.


Reasons To Buy A Daikin Aircon


It Serves Multiple Needs

One of the main reasons people prefer a Daikin air conditioner system is the wide variety of Daikin aircon models that can cater to the different requirements of each buyer. There are models ranging from the older Daikin System 1 Aircon RKS25GVMG / FTKS25DVM to the much newer iSmile series models. Although the Daikin RKS is cheaper, the iSmile MKS is more energy efficient. Hence, it would still depend on the budget of the buyer.

It Is A Pioneer In The Aircon Industry


Choosing the right Daikin air conditioner for your home is essential as it’s a guarantee that you will have a quality unit. Fortunately, Daikin is among the most reputed brands in the aircon industry. The company has been selling aircon units for more than 80 years now and is one of the pioneering aircon companies still in operation. Due to Daikin’s extensive experience, the company is still continuing to produce innovative features in their aircons.

It Is Eco Friendly

Daikin aircons are designed to reduce environmental damage to the furthest possible extent. In an effort to prevent global warming, the Daikin iSmile series has replaced the R410A refrigerant that was used in the older Daikin models with the R32 refrigerant. The R32 refrigerant is a far more eco-friendly choice as it does not cause depletion of the ozone layer and can also be refilled.

It Is Highly Energy Efficient

Daikin aircons are designed with the best components and the technology necessary to improve their energy efficiency. The latest iSmile series models like the Daikin iSmile Series SYSTEM 3 MKS80TVMG / CTKS25TVMG X3 have an NEA rating of 5 ticks. Daikin units use inverters which makes them more energy efficient when comparing inverter aircons with non-inverter aircons.There is also an Intelligent Eye feature which regulates temperature and energy depending on whether there is a person in the room or not.

It Can Withstand Severe Weather Conditions

A Daikin aircon is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions with thorough testing even in extreme weather conditions. Aircon maintenance is still necessary, however. One of the reasons why is it important to have regular aircon maintenance is it ensures your unit works during extreme humidity or heavy rainfall.


Reasons To Buy A Panasonic Aircon 


It Operates Silently

Any type of aircon noise would make it difficult to hear others talk, listen to music, and concentrate on work. Due to the disturbance of these noises, some people may be prompted to ask themselves if they can solve noisy aircon problems by themselves, leading to potential damage. However, there are many reasons to avoid DIY servicing and seek professional aircon services instead. With Panasonic aircon units, noise levels are very low and options to reduce it even further are available.

It Is Energy Efficient

Panasonic aircon systems are designed with innovative energy-saving features.The Eco-Navi helps the unit adjust based on changes in human movement, activity levels, absence, and sunlight intensity. Meanwhile, the inverter technology maintains the room temperature by varying the rotation speed of the compressor. Besides following aircon energy-saving tips, this will help you lower your power bills even further.

It Uses An Odor Management System

There are many reasons why your aircon may smell bad. For many aircons dirt and bacteria often accumulate in the aircon filter, outlet, and other areas. Until a professional aircon servicing company is called, the foul odour will usually linger. Panasonic aircons, on the other hand, have a built-in system to ensure that the room continues to have good quality air even if it is not cleaned often.

It Requires Little Maintenance 

Compared to other aircons, Panasonic units such as the Panasonic SYSTEM 3 Aircon CU-3XS27UKZ / CS-MXS9UKZ X3 are designed so they’re easily servicable. As a result, it won’t be difficult for a professional to clean them when needed. 

Should I Buy A Daikin Aircon or Panasonic Aircon? 

Some people prefer purchasing a Panasonic aircon because of its odour management system, low noise levels, high energy efficiency, and much lower maintenance expenses. Daikin is preferred when the buyer requires an aircon that has the latest features, especially its smart technology.

Daikin aircons have a filter that can effectively rid the air of dust and pollutants. Daikin aircons are also more energy-efficient, durable, can function properly in whatever weather conditions. They are also eco-friendly. Daikin aircons can also cater to different budgets and different properties. Additionally, these models are produced by a highly reputable brand.


Contact DW Aircon For Quality Aircon Installation Services


Those who are planning to purchase a Daikin aircon in Singapore should ensure that the aircon is properly installed for better cooling and preventing unnecessary energy loss. There are many common mistakes that people make during DIY servicing as well as installation. In line with this, it is extremely important to contact a reliable professional service to install your aircon. They are more knowledgeable about things to look out for when getting an aircon installation done, among other things. 

DW Aircon ensures that your unit is installed correctly. As per the projects that we’ve done, our professional technicians have successfully installed Daikin aircons in many homes. Depending on the model of your Daikin aircon, our technicians can help identify the optimal location for installing the outdoor condenser and inner cooling units. After installations are complete, our team will test the aircon to guarantee that it will function properly.



Choosing between a Daikin aircon or a Panasonic aircon ultimately depends on your preference, budget, and needs. Choosing between Daikin and Panasonic can be a hard choice, especially when both are reputable aircon brands that have been in the industry for a really long time. Daikin aircon systems are more flexible when it comes to serving a buyer’s different needs. They contain many innovative features and are energy efficient as well as eco-friendly. Daikin units are also much more resistant to harsh weather conditions. 

On the other hand, Panasonic aircons have a few upsides as well. They operate almost silently and are energy efficient due to their use of Eco-Navi technology. They can also eliminate odours with the help of their nano-technology which works to remove micro-organisms in the air. 

DW Aircon sells models from the top 3 best-selling aircon brands in Singapore namely Daikin, Panasonic, and Mitsubishi.  If you need professional help installing an aircon from any of these brands, contact DW Aircon.


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