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Why Choose Daikin Aircon?

High Quality Air

Get high air quality with the Dust Collection PM 2.5 filter in Daikin's iSmile series!

Smart Control Option

You can control your Daikin air conditioners from anywhere, at anytime!

Sleek & Compact Design

Daikin aircon's sleek and compact size design makes installing their air conditioners easy.


Daikin aircon is widely used and popular amongst Singaporeans. They are commonly installed in households or commercial office spaces. Our Daikin aircon installation promotion includes system 1 to system 4 to cater to various markets and needs. Find out more about the promotion below and the featured Daikin aircon products.


Daikin Aircon Products

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Daikin air conditioners are Japan-made and pride in being the top air specialist. It believes that every surrounding has different air and would require its aircon to perfect the air. With advanced technology, Daikin air conditioners also have smart solution features such as D’SMARTHOME for residential areas and a Bluetooth service checker for commercial spaces.

System 1 - $975.00


Daikin (Inverter) –

System 2 - $2,095.00


Daikin Smile Series (Inverter) – (MKS50TVMG / CTKS25TVMG X2)

System 3 - $3,039.00


Daikin iSmile Series (Inverter) – (MKS80TVMG / CTKS25TVMG X3)

System 4 - $3,695.00

daikin-aircon-iSmile-Series-(Inverter)-SYSTEM 4-AIRCON-MKS80TVMG-CTKS25TVMG

Daikin iSmile Series (Inverter) – (MKS80TVMG / CTKS25TVMG X3 / CTKS50TVMG)

Daikin Aircon Installation Projects




We are currently holding a promotion for our quarterly aircon servicing package. First-time customers will get to enjoy a 50% discount for their first aircon servicing.

We encourage customers to sign up for our quarterly aircon service package, as regular maintenance of the aircon is vital to ensure that it operates at optimal performance. Do not hesitate to WhatsApp us at +65 8241 0032 for further assistance now!

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