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Facts and Myths about Normal Aircon Servicing

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Good aircon servicing is necessary to maintain your air conditioner. In Singapore, some may find it difficult to spend a single day without using an air conditioner. It is necessary that you take good care of your Aircon. However, there are various myths circulating in the market that may make you think twice before getting a Normal aircon servicing. These myths will give you the wrong conception about how the total process works and you will have wrong expectations.

Thus, here are a few myths and facts about Aircon servicing that will help you make the right decision without being biased.


Myth 1: If the unit is running it does not require servicing

A myth that can be devastating when the time comes. Most people forget about the maintenance of their Aircon unit when it is running properly. They forget that debris and dust keep on accumulating in the ducts and other parts of the machine. If they are not cleaned on time then they can create huge problems.

Fact 1: Proper maintenance will make the Aircon energy efficient

Debunking the myth that a running Aircon will not require servicing, if you get aircon servicing in Singapore then it will make the Aircon energy efficient. When all parts are functioning properly and there are no obstacles the unit will consume less energy making your Aircon energy efficient!

Myth 2: Location is not an issue for the Aircon to function properly

When it comes to installing the Air conditioner, location plays an important role. You have to be very careful if the unit is placed at the wrong location, as it will consume more energy thus increasing your energy bills. You should not install it near any electrical device or at places where it will get direct sunlight.


Fact 2: An Aircon professional will be the right person to choose the location

You can even contact any cheap aircon servicing company in Singapore who will be the right person to inspect your place and suggest the right place where you can install the Aircon. They will do so to make sure that your unit does not consume more energy. A professional will also provide you with the necessary tips for keeping your Aircon clean and working properly.

Myth 3: It is the only the size of the room that will decide the capacity of Aircon

The size of the room where the Aircon will be installed is only one of the factors that help in deciding what aircon to choose. You need to consider a lot more things, like the height of the room, the material with which the walls are made, the furniture in the room, placement of other electrical devices, size of outdoor devices, and others. Consider everything and then choose any particular Aircon.


Fact 3: Aircon professionals are the right person installation of Aircon

As Aircon installation is not an easy job it is best to hand over the whole process to professionals. They will suggest to you the capacity of the Aircon to be installed, provide you a necessary warranty on various services offered and also help you decide the right place to install. Moreover, it is simple to book an aircon service and the aircon service cost is also minimal, which will not be harsh on your wallets.

Myth 4: Use a fan for speeding the cooling process

Again, this is a myth that will make you confused. The air conditioner itself is equipped in the best way to circulate air within any room. Now, if you use a fan over it, you are actually hindering the working process of an air conditioner and thus increasing the energy bills. You have to be careful in certain areas that will make your air conditioner more energy efficient.

Fact 4: Keep the air conditioner under maintenance

In order to enjoy the service of the air conditioner used by you, it is necessary that you take good care of it. Keep the fan inside the aircon unit clean, it will perform better. Moreover, you should not keep the aircon unit on throughout the day. If you are keeping it on, it will put pressure on different parts of the Aircon. You can switch them off often and then switch them on again.

Aircon Servicing

Myth 5: No need to change filters

A myth that may cost you the life of your air conditioner. Dirty filters affect the performance of your Aircon. It will stop the free flow of fresh air and put pressure on the compressor. Thus, while getting ac servicing it is best to check them out.

Fact 5: Keep changing the filters

To let your air-con unit perform at its best you need to replace them at regular intervals. This will allow the machine to perform best.



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