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General Aircon Servicing Vs Aircon Chemical Wash

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For your air conditioner unit to always maintain its optimal performance, it is important to undergo regular maintenance and aircon servicing. If your air conditioner is regularly maintained, it can run efficiently and have a longer working lifespan. You can save money and maintain your aircon by having an aircon servicing contract or an aircon chemical wash.

We will explore the differences between the two aircon services below.


What is general aircon servicing?


The process of general aircon servicing involves cleaning aircon filters, draining all the accumulated water inside the aircon system, dusting off the blower, pressure and temperature gauges, condenser, and all the pipes inside the unit. Knowing how to do basic aircon servicing by yourself is an option since the process does not require any chemical solutions. It also does not require dismantling the aircon from the wall.

While normal aircon servicing cleans most of the aircon unit, it is not as thorough as doing an aircon chemical wash. Air conditioner servicing is also relatively less expensive when compared to aircon chemical wash.


How is general aircon servicing conducted?

The basic aircon servicing services generally include:

  1. The aircon filters and outer panels are properly cleaned with water and this can make your aircon unit provide fresher and cooler air.
  2. Proper cleaning of the evaporator coils, blower wheel, fan coil with added services like checking the compressor and oil treatment for the fan motors. Coils that are dirty can affect as well as reduce the energy efficiency of your aircon unit by at least 10%.
  3. Professionals who do the aircon servicing will have to check the compressor and condenser if they are in perfect condition. They usually drain as well as recharge the system, check hoses, filters, and belts for the aircon unit.
  4. An inspection of the condenser will be done by the professional to make sure that the air is not obstructed. This also assures the system is operating at the right level of pressure and temperature.
  5. The aircon technician will cleanse the drain pan as well as flush the drain pipe.
  6. There will be an investigation and verification of all the electrical components for wear and damage.
  7. The aircon technician will check the coolant level of your aircon to increase its energy efficiency and will check if there is any type of aircon noise in the unit.
  8. To ensure the aircon unit will run smoothly, a trail run is performed as well as finishing cleaning for the exteriors of your aircon system.


What is an aircon chemical wash?


The process of doing an aircon chemical cleaning like aircon chemical wash is different from regular aircon servicing. Aircon chemical wash includes using chemical solutions to wash the various aircon parts. The chemical treatment is used for the air conditioner parts like the coil, condensers, air filters, and water trays. Any dirt or dust accumulated in the aircon unit is removed during an aircon chemical wash resulting in your aircon being more energy efficient.

However, your aircon may still experience aircon issues such as aircon not being cold or aircon is noisy even after undergoing an aircon chemical wash. This may require undergoing an aircon chemical overhaul instead. Compared to an aircon chemical wash, an aircon chemical overhaul cleanses more thoroughly and inspects for defective aircon parts so that they can be replaced or repaired. One of the benefits of an aircon chemical overhaul is it prevents your aircon from experiencing aircon issues.


How is an aircon chemical wash conducted?


An aircon chemical wash generally comprises of the following:

  1. The aircon technician will pump down the refrigerant gas as well as lock the service valve.
  2. They will also disconnect the electrical wiring from the fan coil unit.
  3. The aircon components such as fancoils, fan blades, and blower wheels are chemically washed and rinsed with water to prevent them from corroding.
  4. The fan bearings are greased.
  5. The chemical cleaning of the internal air filter will be done.
  6. The drainage pipes will be also chemically flushed.
  7. The aircon technician will check the pressure to ensure it is working properly.
  8. Switch on the aircon to check if there are any issues with it.



Maintaining your air conditioning unit can increase its working lifespan. One of the things that you can do for your aircon unit is to either have it undergo general aircon servicing or aircon chemical wash. Depending on the severity of your aircon condition, you can consider the type of aircon servicing that caters to your needs. Hence, if you find it hard to decide between general aircon servicing or aircon chemical wash, then that is the time that you should contact an aircon technician to assess your air conditioning unit. However, if you experience aircon problems after doing the aircon servicing mentioned above, consider doing an aircon chemical overhaul as it not only cleans the aircon thoroughly, any defective aircon parts will be repaired or replaced. This can help prevent any aircon problems in the future.


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