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How Does An Inverter Aircon Help You Save Electricity?

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Regardless of their aircon brand, inverter aircons are known for providing many benefits. For one, they perform more quietly than most air conditioner types. Moreover, they are much cheaper to maintain and are less likely to experience common aircon issues. But among all the advantages provided by inverter aircon, nothing stands out more than the fact that they are highly energy efficient. This is because their compressor runs at a fixed speed and consumes relatively less power. As a result, having one installed as your home or office aircon can help you avoid high electric bills. 


How Does The Compressor Work? 

Be it a Mitsubishi or Daikin aircon, all air conditioners consist of a compressor. This serves to compress the refrigerant gas and turn it into liquid form (which is why an aircon water leak takes place when it incurs damage). The AC inlet absorbs the hot air from the area being cooled then transfers it to the refrigerant. The cooled air is then released from the unit and distributed externally.  

Unlike in a non-inverter Daikin or Panasonic aircon, an inverter unit’s compressor is controlled by a motor running at a constant speed. The motor is enabled when the refrigerant is being compressed and then disabled when the compressor doesn’t function. 


How Does The Compressor Consume Energy? 

The process of enabling and disabling the compressor motor in a non-inverter Daikin or Mitsubishi aircon requires heavy energy usage. Strong amounts of energy are needed to accelerate the motor to its needed speed during the cooling process so that the aircon blows out enough cold air. Moreover, energy is also consumed while the compressor is being disabled. 

In contrast to that of a non-inverter aircon, an inverter unit’s compressor is made to regulate its speed to minimize energy consumption. If the aircon is not yet cold enough, its speed is increased. Once the cooling process is finished, it is then gradually lessened. 


How Much Energy Is Consumed By A Compressor? 

Since an inverter aircon’s compressor motor is slowly increased and decreased rather than being disabled suddenly, the amount of energy consumed is greatly minimized. In fact, an inverter aircon (such as the Daikin RKS25GVMG / FTKS25DVM) saves at least 50% more energy than a non-inverter unit. Although the actual amount of energy savings will still vary depending on several factors. These include ambient temperature, how frequently the installed aircon is in use, and the specific area being cooled.  


So Is It Better To Purchase An Inverter Aircon?


Although an inverter aircon (e.g. the Mitsubishi MUY-GN10VA / MSY-GN10VA) can help you reduce your electric bills, it is much more expensive to purchase than a non-inverter unit. This is because it consists of an inverter that regulates the compressor speed. Only buy an inverter aircon once you’ve considered the following factors: 

  • purchasing price 
  • number of hours the aircon will be used 
  • areas of your home which need to be cooled 
  • ambient temperature in your area and the temperature level you need. 




If you only intend to use an inverter aircon for a few days or weeks, buying an aircon of the non-inverter type might be the better option. But if you think your aircon will be in use much longer than that, then you can consider installing an inverter aircon instead. For more advice on which aircon is best for your home, contact DW Aircon Singapore. Our technicians can guide you on what unit you need to install as well as provide you with ways on maintaining and cleaning your aircon. View our price list for more info on our aircon services. 


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