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How Often Should I Have Aircon Servicing Done?

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Like other home appliance products, a residential or commercial aircon should undergo proper aircon servicing. Otherwise, its performance could decline considerably as a result of problems like an aircon water leak. Extensive aircon repairs might also be required in order to restore the unit to its former state.

Although many aircon owners are aware of the importance of aircon servicing, there are those who are unsure of when to have it performed. If you happen to be among them, take note of the following guidelines:


Best Servicing Periods For Different Aircon Types

Ducted Aircons


It is said that ducted air conditioners are amongst the most complicated aircon systems to service. This is often true especially considering that it is made up of several vents running throughout the home which connects the central unit to the outdoor unit. The outdoor unit’s purpose is to provide cool and well-oxygenated air from outdoors into the home with the help of refrigerant. This air then flows to the central unit which is usually located near the ceiling.

Due to the way this aircon system is set up, cleaning the units by yourself is not advisable. However, you could try cleaning the ceiling vents monthly to prevent the accumulation of dust and debris.  You can do so by making use of a vacuum or just a cloth. The same procedure can also be done for the return air grille which is normally situated near the floor or close to the ceiling. For other aircon parts, having them cleaned by a professional aircon maintenance company every 12 months is recommended. 

Split System Aircon

A split system aircon has two separate units: one installed inside the home and the other installed outside the home both of which are connected together via a network of copper pipes and electrical wires. The outdoor unit serves as a condenser which takes in hot air through the indoor unit and distributes it outside the home. The indoor unit, on the other hand, functions as both a fan and an evaporator. The primary focus when maintaining this aircon system should be on the indoor unit’s air filters. Since it collects various forms of dust and dirt, it should be cleaned out every few months using a cloth or vacuum. As for the other components, it is best to have them inspected and serviced by a professional aircon servicing company every 12 months.

Cassette Aircon

Like a split system aircon, a cassette aircon consists of an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. Both also use the same evaporative technology which reduces internal air temperature and dehumidifies the entire area. The primary difference between these two systems is in their setup, with the cassette aircon having a central unit installed near the ceiling. In terms of maintenance however, they are both similar in that their air filters need to be cleaned every few months. Moreover, a cassette aircon’s other components are best inspected yearly. 


Benefits of Regular Aircon Inspections


Having your residential or office aircon inspected regularly ensures that their performance is optimized. This in turn reduces its operational costs and also provides you with a safe and healthy environment. Besides that, regular aircon inspection helps identify any existing aircon issues before they worsen. As a result, your aircon is guaranteed to last for a long period of time whilst providing you with high aircon energy savings in the process. Furthermore, regular maintenance is relatively cheaper compared to replacing your aircon after just a short period of usage.


Is Annual Aircon Servicing Enough?

How often your aircon requires servicing largely depends on how frequently and how many years it has been used. That said, having it serviced just once a year is not normally advisable as numerous undetected aircon problems could worsen within that period. In some cases, the aircon might even need to be replaced completely as a result of scarce maintenance. If you want to shorten the amount of servicing required for your aircon however, be sure to clean its most essential parts and inspect it regularly for any signs of damage. 




Different air conditioner types have their own period of service. For instance, the ceiling vents of a ducted aircon will need to be cleaned monthly to prevent the buildup of dust and dirt. Split system and cassette aircon, on the other hand, should have their air filters cleaned every few months. Whatever type of aircon you have, be sure to have it inspected regularly to prevent existing aircon issues from worsening and so that you can maximize your aircon energy savings

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