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How Often Should You Do Aircon Chemical Overhaul

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An air conditioner is an item that is crucial in every office, household, and even in the hospital. As a tropical country, temperatures in Singapore tend to get very high and with this, an air conditioner becomes an essential item. Like any other item that one uses, aircon maintenance is crucial to increase its lifespan seeing that an air conditioner is known to lose five percent efficiency every year. One of the important aspects of aircon maintenance is undergoing an aircon chemical overhaul. Whenever you are buying an air conditioner, the seller always advises the buyer on how often he should do an aircon chemical overhaul.


Unlike living in a hot climate, staying near a body of water like the sea can cause your air conditioner to accumulate salt and grit. Air conditioner owners are always advised to do aircon chemical cleanings depending on how often the unit is used.

An aircon chemical overhaul is when you take each part of the air conditioner out and check whether it has any problems after which it is cleaned with chemicals. Whenever you clean your air conditioner with chemicals, its efficiency is maintained at 95% yearly. Different aircon technicians may have different advice on how frequently you are supposed to chemical overhaul your air conditioner. Some might say that an aircon chemical overhaul should be done after six months, while others recommend it to be done after one month. The following are some of the factors that one should consider before doing an aircon chemical overhaul:


If it cannot produce cold air

If there is an ice accumulation in the condenser then the air conditioner will not be able to produce cold air. An air conditioner has two sections; a condenser and a fan coil. If these two are dirty then the air conditioner will produce warm air and a chemical overhaul will be required in order to its proper functioning.

If the air conditioner is leaking

This always happens when we have a backflow when the drainage pipe has been clogged up and in this case, a chemical overhaul will be required in order to stop the aircon from leaking water.

When there is a bad smell coming from the air conditioner.

This happens when bacteria have accumulated in the fan coil and in this case a chemical overhaul has to be done.


The basic process of an aircon chemical overhaul

You start by removing the fan coil from the wall and cleaning it using chemical solutions. After which rinse it with clean water – this helps in preventing corrosion on the coil which can be caused by the chemical solution. Grease the fan bearings, then conduct chemical cleaning on the internal air filter, then do a chemical flush on the drainage pipes. Check the pressure in order to ensure that it is functioning properly.

Reasons why we should do chemical cleaning on the air conditioners

  • It reduces the levels of noise
  • Water leaking from the aircon stop
  • There will be lesser power consumption
  • Conditions of controls and thermostats will be checked
  • Bad odor from the air conditioner will be eliminated
  • It prevents any serious breakdowns, which could lead to very expensive repairs, maintenance, and replacement
  • The overall efficiency of the air conditioner is maintained

An aircon chemical overhaul is recommended for air conditioner parts that have not been cleaned over a long period of time or those that are not helped by the normal aircon servicing. Most experts recommend that a chemical overhaul differs from one person to another depending on how frequently one uses the air conditioner and location – those who live near the sea will be required to do chemical cleaning every month while those living further may stay up to one year without undergoing an aircon chemical overhaul.


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