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How Often Should You Engage Daikin Aircon Servicing in Singapore?

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Compared to other home appliances, the energy consumption of an air conditioner is relatively higher. Hence, homeowners who have followed trusted aircon buying guides are also finding ways to learn how to properly take care of their air conditioners. This will help to reduce their aircon’s energy consumption or increase their lifespan. 

Since Daikin uses the latest technology and is known for its energy-efficient air conditioners, families in Singapore are now preferring their units over other aircon brands.  Servicing an aircon can drastically improve a unit’s efficiency. However, aircon services are not always straightforward. Thus, below are some guidelines and recommendations about when and how often should you engage aircon servicing for your Daikin units.


Why Is Daikin Aircon Servicing Important?


When a Daikin aircon is used for several months or so, dust and dirt will inevitably accumulate on the aircon. This hinders the potential of the unit to be energy efficient and will shorten its lifespan. Therefore, regular aircon services like an aircon chemical overhaul or aircon chemical wash and general maintenance are highly recommended. During servicing, a technician can detect problems in your aircon before they can fully manifest. Through regular aircon servicing, you can improve aircon efficiency, prevent aircon problems, keep electricity bills low, and have a longer lasting Daikin unit.


Is Daikin Aircon Servicing Mandatory? 

Daikin aircon servicing depends on an aircon’s cooling capacity and the amount of refrigerant it uses. If an aircon contains less than 3 kilograms of coolant, servicing may not be necessary. Medium-sized units and units slightly larger than 3 kg are recommended to undergo servicing at least twice a year. Even if you religiously follow aircon energy saving tips, a larger aircon will still consume far more electricity as it is generating more power to cool at a stronger volume. This also means they’re more likely to become dirty quickly. Hence, the importance of a quarterly aircon servicing package cannot be stressed enough.


How Often and When Should You Schedule Daikin Aircon Servicing? 


There are many possible reasons why your aircon is making loud noises. Among the tips to reduce loud aircon noises is to have aircon servicing peromed. Usually, noise is a big indicator that something is wrong with your aircon. In some cases, dirty filters can cause noise to some extent and will only need thorough cleaning. However, if the noise is caused by a problem with a damaged component, servicing will be necessary. Noise, and higher electricity bills, among other things, are urgent signs that your aircon needs to undergo servicing. There are many things that will happen if you do not clean your aircon or neglect maintenance. Therefore, it is important to schedule the servicing of a Daikin aircon regularly depending on the unit’s size and how frequently it is used. 


Contact DW Aircon For Professional Aircon Servicing 


We all know the importance of clean aircon filters, and regular aircon servicing. Therefore, families and individuals who need professional and reliable Daikin aircon services should contact DW Aircon Servicing Singapore. 

DW Aircon is one of the top service providers in Singapore. Our team of technicians are experienced in servicing many Daikin aircon systems from older models to the newer iSmile series. In addition to regular maintenance, we also offer Daikin aircon repairs and Daikin aircon installation services.  Our pricing for aircon servicing is more than affordable. At the same time, our service is considered top-notch by many past customers who have left many positive reviews. Our team of well-trained technicians will also ensure quality work that is done flawlessly and as fast as possible. 



How often you should have aircon servicing done ultimately depends on what kind of Daikin aircon you have. For smaller and medium-sized units, it is recommended to have them serviced at least twice every year. For larger units, once every three months should be good. Professional help must be contacted immediately whenever you suspect a problem with your Daikin aircon big or small. Immediate aircon servicing prevents problems from fully manifesting and can also avoid them altogether. DW Aircon Servicing isn’t limited to supplying Daikin aircons alone. We also service aircons from other brands such as Mitsubishi aircons, Panasonic aircons, and more. We also service the best air conditioner systems at reasonable prices.


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