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How Often Should You Get an Aircon Gas Top Up in Singapore

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For activities to be carried out smoothly in a warm and humid country like Singapore, most households and offices require air conditioning.  As such, regular aircon gas top-ups are necessary in order to ensure that your aircon has adequate levels of gas.

The following are some of the factors that will determine how often you are supposed to top up the gas;

When you do not get cold air from the air conditioner

You may think that your aircon is working properly, but it may not exactly be producing cold air due to a lack of very little gas. With this kind of complication, aircon owners often require the services of an expert to check the coolant gas and advice whether an aircon gas top-up is needed for you to have the cold air again and have a comfortable environment.


When you there is water leaking from the aircon

Whenever you see any water leakages from the air conditioner, it could be an indication that there is a gas reduction. When there is a gas shortage, vaporization will be incomplete, and hence the vaporization that is not complete turns into water that leaks. The water leakage may occur due to other reasons but gas shortage could also be one of the reasons. When you notice that there is water leaking from the aircon, then you should consider checking the gas levels and refill when needed.

After inspection of your air conditioner

It is important to get professional technicians from DW aircon servicing to inspect your unit every few months to ensure a comfortable and conducive environment. Aircon gas top up is required as soon as possible if your aircon’s gas levels have already dropped by ten percent. A drop in the gas levels by ten percent can lead to a twenty percent increase in the amount of electricity consumed.


After the repairing of the air conditioner

Any kind of air conditioner problems or complications can lead to a decrease in gas levels, hence a professional aircon technician is required to check the matter. An experienced mechanic will be able to reduce the amount of gas lost, but in order to ensure the best performance of the air conditioner, a gas top up will be needed after the aircon repair.

When there is a continuously poor performance from the air conditioner

If you cannot find the cause of your air conditioner’s poor performance, the problem might root in the lack of gas. In such a case, you can try basic aircon solutions like temperature adjustment before you go for a gas top up. Otherwise, an aircon gas top up is needed to ensure better performance.

When the air conditioner keeps on running

If you realize that the air conditioner is running continuously, then it is time to top up the gas. Whenever there is no gas or coolant in the air conditioner, it will not reach the cutting-off cooling temperature and therefore it is going to be running continuously without rest. This is an indication that it is time to top up gas in the air conditioner.


When the air conditioner goes on and off frequently

An air conditioner may get confused and start engaging in odd behaviors when it already needs a gas top up. When the gas is refilled, the system will go back to its normal performance. But if the problem is not rectified by this, then you can contact the technicians from DW aircon servicing company that will get you a solution to the any of your aircon problems.

When you see ice depositing on coils

Ice deposition on the coils is another indication that the levels of gas are low and need to be topped up. When there is no coolant in the air conditioner, the coils freeze the water vapor that is surrounding hence creating very many complications. You should then consider topping up gas in your air conditioner in order to avoid more aircon complications.

An air conditioner owner should always consider topping up the gas regularly in order to have the following benefits:

  • It saves on the amount of power used
  • It reduces the load on the air conditioner
  • It gets better cooling effects
  • It reduces the mechanical faults
  • It prevents water leakage
  • It avoids the Freon leak problem
  • You can save money as the air conditioner will not be vulnerable to some other aircon problems

DW aircon servicing company in Singapore offers a range of aircon services to their customers in order to ensure that their air conditioners are free of complications.


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