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How Often Should You Schedule an Aircon Maintenance Services?

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A majority of residential and commercial properties in Singapore have one or more air conditioners (abbreviated as aircon) since they usually cool the property better than fans or blowers. However, most aircon manufacturers specify that the performance of the aircon depends to a large extent on proper aircon maintenance. Some property owners who have not installed an aircon earlier would like to get more information on aircon maintenance, so they can hire an aircon services provider accordingly.

Here is more information about aircon maintenance services such as aircon servicing and how often they are needed:


Importance of Aircon Maintenance


The air which enters the aircon usually contains dust, dirt, harmful microbes, and other particles. Most air conditioners have one or more filters to trap the dirt. The importance of aircon filters is that they ensure it does not deposit on other aircon parts that require periodic care. Although, after some time, the filters are saturated with dust and dirt. Dirt is accumulated inside the aircon adversely affecting its performance. Typically, if no aircon maintenance is done for a year, the efficiency of the aircon will decrease by 5%, and the energy consumption will also increase. Therefore, every property owner with an aircon must arrange for regular aircon maintenance, following the guidelines specified by the aircon manufacturer.

In addition to cleaning and replacing the filters, what to expect during aircon maintenance is that dirt and debris are also removed from the aircon. If the aircon is properly maintained, apart from a significant reduction in the energy bill, the aircon performance will improve and cool the room faster. A well-maintained aircon can be used for a longer time without repairs.


Frequency of Aircon Maintenance


The recommended frequency of aircon maintenance depends on various aspects like the aircon rating, the duration for which the aircon is used, and environmental factors. If the aircon is located near a construction site, or the air is very dusty, the filters will require cleaning more often, usually once a month. Aircons with a higher rating are usually cooling in a larger area, so more dirt and debris will accumulate on the aircon.

One of the tips on aircon cleaning is that they should be cleaned more frequently. In some instances, especially in homes, families will switch on the aircon for a few hours at night for cooling – an aircon maintenance tip to optimize your aircon’s performance. Additionally, the maintenance frequency can be reduced in these cases. However, filters should be cleaned or replaced monthly, and aircon maintenance is required every three months.


Indications That Your Aircon Needs Maintenance


One of the best indications that the aircon requires maintenance is when it takes a longer time to cool the room or property or it does not cool properly. Another indication is when the aircon becomes noisy and creates a common type of aircon noise. In some occurrences, the noise is irregular, while in other cases, due to loose parts or dirt the sound is continuously heard. In many cases, property owners contact the aircon maintenance company when they notice that the energy consumption has increased drastically due to collecting dirt or dust in the aircon. Another reason why it is important to have regular aircon maintenance is that it will reduce the aircon bill significantly.



A lot of Singaporeans living in residential or commercial properties have air conditioner products installed in their homes. To boost their aircon’s performance, they should observe proper aircon maintenance. The frequency of aircon maintenance will depend on factors like aircon rating and how often it is being used. When your aircon is not cold, or it is creating noise, this should indicate that it needs maintenance. It is important to engage a professional aircon servicing company such as DW Aircon Servicing Singapore as they are experts who know how to properly and effectively perform aircon maintenance.



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