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How Reliable and Dependable Is Panasonic Aircon

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Singaporeans are always looking for reliable and dependable aircon products. This can be a very daunting task and their choices usually point towards Singapore’s top 3 best-selling brands and one of them is Panasonic. After many years in the aircon market globally, Panasonic has proven itself to be one of the most reliable and dependable aircon brands.

Reasons why Panasonic is Reliable and Dependable


1. Tested Before Shipped

    • Panasonic goes through rigorous testing for the durability of its aircon products. All Panasonic AC products follow the quality regulations of each state that receives their products. To do this a series of stringent tests are performed for each product before they leave the factory.
    • Some of the most important tests involve testing its long-term durability, the reliability of the aircon compressor, shock resistance, and its resistance against rain and dew.
    • Before assembly, each compressor is tested separately and the internal mechanisms are checked for possible errors.
    • Electric components in the outdoor aircon units are reinforced with waterproof materials that allow them to withstand soaking, damping or wetting.
    • This ensures effectiveness and long-term reliability. With this, people who use Panasonic aircon can look forward to long years of high-quality performance with the minimum cost of maintenance.


2. Japan Quality

    • There is integrity and distinct craftsmanship in products that are made in Japan which provides quality assurance to all products originating there. According to Panasonic, they “build on the Japanese tradition of uncompromising quality control worldwide, developing and manufacturing fine products”, “applying advanced technologies that truly make life better”.

3. Innovative Technology

Panasonic has the most innovative functions and features incorporated into its air conditioners. Such features and functions cannot be found in other aircon products and can only be offered by Panasonic alone. Users are ensured that the benefits that Panasonic gives them are only theirs to be experienced and enjoyed. The features that only Panasonic AC’s can bring are as followed:


  • iAuto X with P tech

This cooling technology in Panasonic automatically adjusts the fan settings in the aircon to low, high, or super high, relying on the atmospheric temperature in the aircon’s surroundings to calibrate to the temperature setting on the remote.


  • Aerowings

This feature is built into all Panasonic aircon to help cool down the room in even distribution so there is no harsh cold air blowing in a single direction. This ensures that the airflow is spread over a wider area so you can remain in cool comfort.


  • Twin Cool Inverter with Econavi

These are intelligent sensors built into the aircon to promote energy saving by monitoring human activity and the amount of sunlight in the room.



  • Nano-Air Filtration and Purification

Their in-built air purification feature helps you obtain fresher, cleaner air by deodorizing, removing dust, and limiting the growth of bacteria and viruses in the environment.


  • Complies with International Standards

Panasonic products comply with international standards. This is done not only to protect consumers but to give respect to the policies made by the various governments all over the globe. For example, AC products are made with adherence to the agenda of reducing the effects of global warming. Panasonic assembles AC’s with reliable parts that also follow Europe’s RoHS/REACH environmental regulations. Production methods are done with sophistication which ensures a high degree of efficiency and reliability.

Panasonic aircon has been one of our top aircon installations in Singapore, along with Mitsubishi and Daikin aircon. It has plenty of aircon technology that appeals to every homeowner, making it easy to clean and maintain, as well as, being energy-efficient. If you are looking to buy and install a Panasonic aircon, you might want to read our aircon buying guide to help you make the right choice.

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