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How to Choose the Right Daikin Aircon for your Home

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If you have little or no knowledge of air conditioning systems, finding the right air conditioner for your home may be overwhelming. When looking to invest in a Daikin aircon in Singapore, here are the factors you need to consider:










Size of your room


The size of your home or the room you intend to install the Daikin aircon will determine the power needed. If you choose an undersized unit for your home, it might be unable to sustain the ideal temperature. As a result, it may overwork and wear out faster. On the other hand, if you choose an oversized system, it will not be energy-saving.



Type of system


Daikin aircon has different air conditioning systems. The two main options are a split unit and a single unit. A split unit tends to be a little pricier and more energy-efficient compared to a window unit because one condenser (outdoor) unit could run multiple aircon in your home. A single unit is one outdoor unit for each Daikin aircon installed. Depending on how many rooms you are planning to install an aircon in, you can decide what type of aircon system is suitable for you. 


How many air conditioners are required?

Knowing the information listed above, you now can decide how many aircon units you might want to be installed in your house. The number of air conditioners you may need are determined by aircon systems, meaning system 2 is 2 indoor units with an outdoor unit, and system 4 is 4 indoor units with an outdoor unit. As an aircon servicing company, we are in a better position to guide you on the number of conditioners you may need.








Power efficiency

It is essential to find an air-conditioning system that is power-efficient. Luckily, Daikin aircon systems tend to be both cost-effective and energy-efficient. Therefore, they help you save money and the environment.



BTU cooling capacity needed

When looking for a power-efficient unit, you need to determine how much power the right AC needs to have. The power of a unit depends on the number of British Thermal Units (BTU). When calculating the best BTU capacity, a significant factor to account for is the size of the room. A smaller room requires lower BTU and usually needs about 9,000 BTU cooling power. Should you need help with your calculations, contact us to consult our friendly aircon specialists.


Smart control- WiFi connectivity

Thanks to technology, aircon units now have lots of additional features to provide convenience and suit modern living. Daikin aircon of the iSmile series now come with the flexibility of adding on smart control options. There are also features like air filtering technology, 3D airflow, and compact size for easy cleaning to add convenience to the modern household. These features are also one of the huge reasons to install Daikin aircon









Air quality

When you are out of your house, there is nothing you can do about the quality of the air you breathe. Luckily, in your home, you can install a conditioning system to increase air quality. Air quality is specifically sensitive to anyone with allergies or asthma. Daikin aircon systems have filters that eliminate any pollutants, including dust from the air.

While the filter significantly helps improve the air quality in your room, it is still necessary to regularly clean and maintains your Daikin aircon. 

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