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How To Clean Your Mitsubishi Starmex Aircon Blower By Yourself

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For aircon installations, many families and owners in Singapore have invested heavily in Starmex Mitsubishi air conditioners to cool their homes, offices or other properties. However, the energy efficiency and performance of the Mitsubishi Starmex aircon depends to a large extent on how well it is maintained. If dust and other debris accumulates on the Starmex air conditioner, the energy consumption of the air conditioner will increase. Therefore, the room will take longer to cool, and the components of the air conditioner will be more prone to failure. Hence, detailed steps on how to clean the Mitsubishi Electric Starmex aircon are provided below.


A. Steps to Clean Mitsubishi Starmex Aircon Blower


  1. Unlock the Cover

A benefit of installing a Mistubishi Starmex aircon is that it has a cover that protects the internal components from dirt. The first step in cleaning your air conditioner is to unlock the lid using the locking and unlocking mechanism.


  1. Detach the Filter


Under the lid, a green filter can be found. This filter should be detached from the aircon to clean and remove the dirt and grime. Depending on how much dirt has accumulated, the filter can be cleaned using soap and water. Another tip in aircon cleaning is the filter may be rinsed with water and should be left to dry afterward.


  1. Remove the Base Panels

Once a Mitsubishi aircon installation is done, it is important to know its components and uses. The air conditioner has two base panels that can be unlocked by moving the locking mechanism to the right. When the base panel is removed, the plastic vanes inside the air conditioner will be exposed. These plastic vanes may be covered with dust and dirt. To clean the plastic vanes, they should be pulled out and wiped with a damp napkin or towel.


  1. Lower the Drainage Tray

For all types of air conditioners, they have drainage trays that are fixed with tags and screws. To properly clean the drainage tray, remove the tags and loosen the screws. This is filled with water and debris so it should be carried carefully as it can spill on the floor or elsewhere. You can dispose of the dirt in the sink or in the bathroom. If there is any grime on the tray, it can be cleaned using a soap solution. 


  1. Remove the Blower

The blower is fixed to the aircon body using three screws on the left side. Using your basic aircon repair tools (e.g. screw driver), try detaching the screws, such that the blower to be removed from the aircon unit for cleaning. The cleaner should make sure the screws are not removed from the unit, as it would be tedious to put the screws back in. 


  1. Clean the Unit


With the blower removed, the interior of the air conditioning unit is exposed. Usually, some dust will accumulate on the interiors after a few months. To clean the unit, water and a soap solution should be used. Keep in mind that without cleaning your aircon unit, it will suffer common aircon issues in the future. 


  1. Clean the Blower 

The blower should be washed with water. If you use a water hose connected to the tap for cleaning, you can wash most of the dirt away. Soap is not recommended in cleaning this since it may leave a residue.


  1. Put It Back Inside


Another tip in caring for your Mitsubishi aircon is that after removing and cleaning all the parts, everything should be completely dry before reassembling and putting all the parts in their original places. Sufficient clearance between the parts should be maintained to avoid friction which may damage the components and affect the performance. Remember not to apply too much pressure or force to the aircon parts while reassembling as this can damage them. We do not want our Mitsubishi Starmex aircon to suffer from issues such as aircon not cold or aircon leaking water


B. Contact DW Aircon for Aircon Servicing 


One of the reasons why your Mitsubishi aircon stopped working is because of a dirty unit. Most families and homeowners in Singapore have very busy schedules, thus they do not have enough time to clean their Mitsubishi Starmex air conditioners themselves. In other cases, they lack the skills and confidence to clean the aircon and are worried that they may make a mistake. In these cases, it is advisable to contact DW Aircon servicing Singapore for cleaning and maintenance of your aircon. Our customers can expect from our professional aircon servicing that we have well-trained and experienced staff. We will ensure we will clean your air condition unit with the right set of tools.



Cleaning your Mitsubishi Starmex aircon is very important as this is a great factor in keeping your aircon in good performance for a long time. When cleaning your aircon unit, it is also vital to remember the mistakes to avoid when maintaining your Mitsubishi Starmex aircon. In case you are not confident in cleaning and maintaining your aircon, then hire a professional like DW Aircon Singapore. The benefits of hiring a professional aircon servicing company like ours is that we have extensive experience in aircon maintenance. Additionally, our aircon technicians carry the right tools to perfectly clean your Mitsubishi Starmex aircon.  


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