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How to Do Your Own Normal Aircon Servicing

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If you’re an avid user of air conditioning, you will understand how harsh the weather in Singapore can be sometimes. When you have an Aircon at your home, regular servicing is a must. However, if you are working with a budget and would like to forgo an aircon Service Company for ac servicing, you will need to learn how to do some basic aircon servicing. You need your system to be maintained regularly so that it can function at its best.


There are certain things that can be easily done by you for normal aircon servicing. Regular maintenance is not that tough provided that you have a little knowledge and the apt tools required for such works. Here are some tips for conducting aircon servicing in Singapore.

Service the air-filters

The air filter is one of the key components of the air conditioning system. The main function of the air filter is to eliminate any harmful components from the air where you live. Thus, if the air filters become dirty they cannot stop the bacteria and your room does not remain fresh even after using the Aircon for the whole day. In order to keep your air filters clean, it is essential to clean them regularly after every two weeks.

For this, you have to remove the casing of the Aircon first. Then remove the filter and take a cloth to wipe off the filter. Then you have to clean it with a mixture of water and non-abrasive soap. You must ensure that before you attach the filter back to the Aircon, it should have dried off completely. You must also keep a check on whether the filter needs replacement. In the event that it is worn out, you should get it replaced.


The condensing unit

A good aircon servicing they will take care of every part of your Aircon. So, you should also be careful and check out if the condensing unit is blocked. The condensing unit sucks the air into the conditioner and it must not be obstructed. If there is any obstruction then remove it immediately.



The air ducts of your air conditioner play an important role in keeping your home clean. With usage, they may be accumulated with dust and debris. Thus, when you are servicing your air conditioner you should not overlook it and service the ducts too. Clean the ducts regularly. It is also a good option to call professionals once a year who will clean the ducts.

Clear the drain

The drain of the air conditioner should also be always clean. This is mainly because if it is blocked then there will be excess pressure on the unit. Moreover, there will be chances of the growth of molds on the walls and ceilings. Thus, it is best to vacuum clean the drain. For this buy a cap from any local store and cap the drain on one side. From the other side, vacuum cleans the drain, and dust and other particles will be removed.

Clean your condenser fan

Along with cleaning the condenser, it is also important to clean the condenser fan regularly. If it is not kept clean for long then there can be technical issues that will cost you a lot for the repair. Thus, clear out the dust from the condenser fan with the help of a brush.


Clean the conditioner coils

The conditioner coil must also be kept clean but before you start doing that, always switch the electricity off and unplug the plug. You will require a commercial air conditioner cleaner. Spray it on the coil and then wipe it off with a cloth. You can also rinse it off with the help of a hose. Just remember that you must be wearing safety gloves to ensure that nothing gets stuck to your hands.

Check the Freon levels

Under normal situation, the air conditioner will not consume the9 Freon coolant. Still, you should keep a check because you never know when there is any leakage and the coolant escapes.

Aircon Servicing

Lubricate the fan motor

The fan motor is also an important part of the air conditioning unit and you must lubricate it regularly so that it does not make any noises. For this remove the cover first and then remove the fan. It will let you lubricate the fan parts easily.

Apart from the things that can be done mentioned above you should conduct routine checkups regularly. You should be careful about the different parts attempting to service the aircon yourself. Always consult an experienced professional to help you with your task. If the DIY attempt proves to be too difficult for you, never fret. There are always cheap aircon servicing in Singapore. At Dw aircon servicing, we look forward to working with our customers.



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