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How to Fix Mitsubishi Aircon Leak  

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If you are living in Singapore, then you understand the advantage of having a properly working airconThere are many advantages to installing a Mitsubishi aircon, but due to constant usage in Singapore’s hot weather, it cannot be avoided that it will encounter some common problems like aircon leaks. There are many reasons for an aircon to leak water which are not serious and can easily be fixed, but if you put off the aircon repair, it might lead to your Mitsubishi to stop working altogether.  


Why does an aircon leak?  






Blocked drainage pipe 

A Mitsubishi aircon mainly removes water from the atmosphere in the process of cooling your room. As such, this atmospheric water is then condensed and drained out of the pipeIf the aircon pipe has been choked due to the accumulation of dirt and debris, the water will start leaking out of the aircon unit from the backflow.  







The drainage tray is corroded 

The drainage tray helps hold the condensate and when it is full, it drains out through the drainage pipe. If the drainage pipe is choked and the drainage tray is full, water may leak out due to overflow. Otherwise, it may be because the drainage tray, usually made out of metal, has rusted and corroded, causing a leak to spring from an opening.  







Low levels in the refrigerant  

Low levels in the coolant will lead to reduced pressure in your Mitsubishi aircon, which requires a gas top upThe coils will end up freezing and causing freezing of water. When the frozen water melts, it drains directly to the drain pain and overflowing. It can lead to your aircon system leaking water.  







Freezing of the evaporator coils  

Aircon leaking water can also be due to the freezing of the evaporator coils. The primary cause of such a situation is a dirty air filter. The airflow is disturbed, and your coils may end up being frozen. The frozen water changes into ice, and when that ice melts, there will be excessive water in the drain pain that can leak over time.  

Your evaporators are old  

Old evaporators are mainly made of metal. Metal is prone to rust effects due to moisture present in the Mitsubishi aircon. Rusting can eat away the metal, causing it to have holes that can leak water to your ceiling and walls.  


3 Ways to Fix An Aircon Leak 








Aircon Servicing  

An aircon servicing can help with repairing an aircon leak once and for all if they show these signs that point to a clog or dirty aircon filters. Our aircon servicing services include thorough cleaning and vacuuming of various parts of your aircon unit. This transcends thnormal aircon servicing that you can do yourself.  

When an aircon leak happens and inconveniences you, you will know the importance of regular aircon servicing to prevent such problems from happening again.  









Aircon Chemical Overhaul 

After a long time of not aircon servicing, it is possible that there are a few things that need to rectify to kickstart your aircon again. An aircon chemical overhaul will help to “reset” your aircon with a strong chemical washing, making it seem almost brand new again.  








Aircon Repair 

If some parts of your aircon are corroded or are faulty, they can simply be replaced with our aircon repair services 








Aircon Replacement 

However, some aircon parts may be phased out due to the aircon model being out of distribution. The only recourse we can offer is to replace your aircon by installing a new one. Otherwise, you can also try asking around other aircon service companies if they are able to source the aircon parts needed for you.  


In order to avoid the inconvenience and consequent expensive costs of aircon leaking water fixes, it is important to conduct regular aircon servicing. Keeping your aircon in tip top condition will definitely increase its lifespan and uphold its optimum performance.  

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