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How to Know If Aircon is Leaking Water or Gas

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Living in the tropical heat of Singapore has made an aircon unit an essential item for most Singaporean businesses and homes. No one wants to work in an uncomfortable, humid environment or come home to swelteringly hot house. To make work life and homes comfortable, it is advisable to keep all aircon units, whether at home or workplaces, in serviceable condition.

However, like most things electrical, the air conditioner unit will face one or more these common aircon issues in its lifetime. Aircon leaking water is an aircon issue we are all familiar with, which needs to be taken seriously, as it might also be a possible aircon gas leak.. What are the signs of aircon leaking gas or water and how can you check why your aircon is leaking?







Signs It May Not Be An Aircon Gas Leak 

1. Ice build-up on evaporator: Layers of ice on the evaporators coil could be a cause of your aircon gas leakage. This is usually caused by a drop in the refrigerant coolant. This can be linked to a leakage in evaporator which makes the coil to accumulate ice.

2. Aircon dripping water is a likely sign: If the aircon unit is dripping water to the floor, that is another way to tell if aircon is faulty and in need of aircon servicing. Inadequate level of refrigerant lowers pressure in the unit leading to ice build-up. When the ice melts, the water overflows the condensate drain and starts dripping on the floor.

3. Aircon blowing hot or warm: If your aircon is not blowing cold air, there is a surge of warm air coming out of the aircon vent or it is no longer cooling as it used to do. It is possibly from lack of adequate refrigerant in the airconditioner.

4. A huge spike in your electricity bill: When the aircon blows warmer than usual, it puts undue stress on the compressor, leading to more aircon problems. A spike in your electricity bill could be a tell-tale sign of gas leakage.









How to Tell It Is Gas Leakage?

5. Strange or hissing sound from the aircon: A strange or hissing sound coming out of the aircon vent is a sign of gas leakage. The sound is produced from the high pressure the refrigerant is going through to escape from the hole in the evaporator coil. This hissing can also be a result of a leaky compressor valve. At this point, a professional check is advised.

6. Unknown sweet scent: A smell that smells slightly sweet in the apartment or workplace coming from the aircon unit during operation is an indication of aircon gas leakage.

7. Corrosion on Aircon Unit: Singapore is relatively humid, the atmosphere retains a lot of water vapor, and when this gets into the component of the aircon unit, it corrodes it. A sign of corrosion in the aircon is the discoloration of the copper tubing into black, blue, or grey. Corrosion can also happen to the aircon’s drainage tray, which is one of the related problems of aircon leaking water.

8. Low Gas Pressure: It’s not always due to a gas leak when you have low gas pressure, but it can be likely. Low gas pressure can be tested by a professional aircon servicing company.


What is gas leakage?

All aircon units are filled with Freon gas (R22 or Freon coolants in some cases), a generic term for Chlorofluorocarbons or CFC’s from which the refrigerant (the cooling factor in all aircon) is made from. There are a number of ways to tell if an aircon unit is leaking gas. Below are some points to note.








Why does an aircon gas leak need to be solved immediately?

Gas leaks from your aircon unit are a potential health risk: Refrigerant is a lethal toxic gas and leakage is a potential health risk in a number of ways. When refrigerants leak, it can lead to health issues like nausea, skin irritation, and asphyxiation in some cases. So it must be handled carefully and disposed of safely by a qualified professional. This is why you need to speak to our team of certified professionals at DW Aircon Servicing Singapore.

Environmental Hazard: Aircon dripping water can seep into the groundwater and finally contaminate the surrounding water table, leading to major health and environmental hazard for many households that depend on the water source. While aircon gas leak into the atmosphere can speed up the depletion of the ozone layer.

Deprived Comfort: Comfort is one of the key reasons for installing an aircon unit, a gas leak from the aircon unit will definitely take this away.

Huge Cost in Electricity Bill: An unserviced aircon gas leak can potentially raise the electricity bill and it might lead to even more serious damage to the aircon unit’s compressor costing you a hefty sum in electricity bill, or even more cost, in the price of a new aircon unit.

Cost-saving: Instead of the heavy cost down the road, regular aircon servicing will help your aircon prevent such aircon issues, and increase its lifespan.







At DW Aircon Servicing Singapore, we understand why clients might hesitate about fixing the leaking aircon. Most air conditioners made before 2010 are filled with R22 and will be phased out due to their effect on the environment, and are now consequently more expensive. R410A aircon gas is now the oft-used type as it is considerably safer for the environment. However, it is still harmful when exposed to air or not disposed of correctly.

However, considering the risk, it is really not worth it to delay that call to us once one or a couple of the signs of aircon gas leak have been discovered. Delay increases the chance of exposure to hazardous chemicals in the refrigerants. It is a cost and life-saving measure to call in the expert as soon as possible.


What to do while you wait for the expert?

  • Turn off the air condition unit to allow the ice build-up to melt to limit damage to the evaporator coil.
  • Clean up the aircon dripping water in the environment/home/office/building to prevent further damage.


Why you should consider calling in our experts?

Whether your aircon is a condominium, commercial, landed, or HDB; our teams of technicians are always ready to deliver aircon service that will make you choose us. What really set us apart from others is our decade of exceptional service to our customers. We listen to the clients; carry out proper checks on the aircon, diagnose the issues, and fix the problem at a client-friendly cost and at a quick turn-around time so you get to enjoy cool air again.

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